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6 x 6 in paintings harder to sell than 5 x 7 in.?

(Bob Kimball) #41

Well I called a bunch of stores to get different opinions about framing 6 x 6’s and got mostly different opinions about it.
None of them make frames that will fit 6x6 artwork, except for what Sunny found in IKEA. I would imagine though that most people would probably want a more quality frame rather than just save money. It appears they just have white ones. Maybe black too, but I couldn’t see that they do.
I also called Lowes and talked to someone that seems quite knowledgeable and sensible about the problem, so today I went there and talked with him about it. I can’t tell you the whole conversation here because we were talking about it for close to an hour. He had experience with the same thing, only different. :slightly_smiling_face: Even though he showed me how I can make the frames, he made the point that it really wouldn’t be worth the time because people would rather pick out their own frames. Also pointing out that any good buyer isn’t going to worry about the price of a frame if they like the artwork.
He said, and showed me pictures of aerial photography he did for twenty years and him and the people he worked with, provided frames for the photos sold to the public and found that people wanted them without frames. They wanted to pick out their own.
Anyway he started off the conversation saying “I’ll show you how to make frames and then I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t”.
The biggest reason being that you have to ask yourself…do you want to be an artist or a framer? That made perfect sense to me, realizing that I wouldn’t have time to do both, concidering all the time it takes to do everything else business related.
So to make a long story short, I opted out of the idea of making frames. So I’m just going to make my paintings and let the buyers take it from there.

Anyway, all I wanted to do in the first place was answer a customers’ question about how to get a frame for a 6x6.

I think I’ll just recommend the places that Carol Maine and others recommend and be done with it.

Maybe someday the retailers will realize that 6x6 in. paintings are getting more popular and start making them standard sizes. Who knows.

(Anne Wood) #42

Thank you for all your information. It’s very useful. I agree about letting the buyer choose the frame. Occasionally I ship framed but mostly not.

Kind regards Anne Wood.

Ps…I have closed my membership with DPW for a while due to a fall in sales over past months. Might reopen later…so no postings of my work currently. I still have my annewoodpaintings.blogspot running for anyone interested.

I like to keep looking at this forum too.

(Andrea Jeris) #43

Another option, if you Google “ledge shelf” you will find picture shelves at Ikea, Walmart, Amazon, etc. where you can display several pieces of art at a time. I have 6 of these in my home, one large mantle shelf in my living room and several small in my studio. I rotate the art all the time.

(Sunny Avocado) #44

I love to rotate most of the art in my home too. I have 4 of those ledges in studio space which always get rotated (hopefully) due to sales. :smiley:

(Andrea Jeris) #45

Another option is to paint on cradled panels so they are self framed. Just tape off the cradle so as to not get paint on the “framing” part.

Also for a very contemporary look you can take a panel or cradled panel the next size up, so for a 6x6" get an 8x8" and paint it with black acrylic. Then glue your painted panel centered on top of it.

(Bob Kimball) #46

Thanks for the idea, Patricia. I know that where I get my panels, unsually Blicks, the cradled panels are expensive…for me anyway.

I’m really not concerned about framed paintings for myself, but looking for reasonable ready made frames for my customers to buy themselves.

So far, I stlll have nothing I can advise them, except to spend $35 to $40 or more to frame 6x6’s. I know that once my 6x6’s are all painted, I will go back to purchasing 5 x 7’s since framing for them is so easy.

(Vana Meyers) #48

Hi Bob, I think Raymar makes small linen panels. Check them out. Blick sells a few Raymar, but I don’t know what sizes. Also, Raymar has some special packages that let you try out their different panels. Fun to do and that way you don’t spend a fortune before you know if you like them or not.

(David Kuhn) #49

I just went to check out your gallery and was shocked to find it gone. Then I found this post over here, and while the mystery is solved, I’m still kinda shocked… but, honestly, I have been thinking about doing the same. Sales have flatlined.

(Anne Wood) #50

Hello David,

Sorry for that…didn’t wish to shock you. I still have my daily blogspot if you ever want to see what I am doing.

(Anne Wood) #51

Hello again David,

Forgot to mention that I still love the painting I chose from your gallery. It’s framed in my kitchen and I see it every day.

I like your loose brush marks.

All good wishes, Anne.

(Christine Derrick) #52

Hi Anne
Nice to see you’re still around; I also took time out recently from listing paintings, for similar reasons but also lots of other domestic needs (house repairs, gardening, etc etc). My own website has flatlined, I get more robots visiting it than people; at least on DPW I do get some views! But I’ve had no clicks-to-buy on anything since I returned. Anyway it’s local exhibition season in my area right now so I can focus there for a while.

(Anne Wood) #53

Hello Christine,

Thank you for your message. Yes…still around. More about local shows like you at the moment.

I have looked to see if I can link up with you on FB or something. Nice to keep in touch with art friends.

Best regards, Anne.

(Christine Derrick) #54

Ah…I don’t tend to do social media stuff; don’t like Facebook’s ethics. I do have a blog of kinds at christinederrick.com/news2 but I don’t update it daily because I never manage to get anything finished :frowning:

(Anne Wood) #55

I shall look out for your blog from time to time.

Best regards Anne.

(Lois Blasberg) #56

This thread is great - lots of great suggestions! I’m so new to selling I can’t answer 6x6 v 5x7 preference. However, I do have another option if you are willing to join ASW Express (there is a cost). They also have great prices on other art supplies. You can buy 6x6 frames in a couple color options. They can accommodate 3/4", maybe deeper canvases, also, FLAT PANELS! Also, they come with a piece of acrylic to fit. You just pop them in the back. Just a little over $4 dollars a piece when you buy a pack of 8. Unfortunately, they have a comb-style hook instead of D-hooks, but for the price, hard to complain.


You could offer the paintings framed vs. un-framed.

Hope this helps.

Lois Blasberg

(Tony Cook) #57

Aha! That’s what the second photo is for. Great suggestion. Thanks.

(Valerie Smith) #58

Honesty, I find that selling any size is hard lol

(Trisha Adams) #59

The link came up “404 - not found.” Try this one – https://www.aswexpress.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=ambiance&search_size_code_desc=1449

(Lois Blasberg) #60

Thank you Trish, they must have moved it.