6 x 6 in paintings harder to sell than 5 x 7 in.?

I’ve always had a much harder time selling 6 x 6 in. paintings than 5 x 7’s. Anyone else? I guess it must be because you can’t ready-frame a 6 x 6.
Any opinions about that?
I guess I made a mistake about a month ago of ordering $60 worth of 6 x 6’s and I wish they were 5 x 7’
s instead.

I don’t know where you’re from but if you have Aaron Bros anywhere near you, they sell all size frames including 6 X 6". I use 6 X 6" canvas that does not need framing and have no problem selling them.

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Yes, there is an Aaron Bros. here is Las Vegas, but I’m talking about panels that really should be framed. I should have mentioned they are paintings on panels.
Also, A lot of customers don’t know about where to get 6x6 in frames, so I would suppose they might not buy because they don’t know. But everybody knows you can get 5 x 7 frames easily.

Get on Aaron Bros email list. They will spoil you with sales all year round. You can get your 5 X 7 inch canvas panels there and then there won’t be a problem. I get 6X6 and 4X4 when they have a sale - buy one and get two more free! My supply closet is stuffed.

Thanks, but I don’t think I expained myself correctly to begin with. I’m not having a problem finding 5 x 7 in. panels. I’m saying that I bought a lot of 6x6 in. panels, but the paintings I’m putting on them are not as easy to sell than if I paint on 5 x 7’s.
The problem I’m having is the framing issue of the paintings, not if or where I can buy the panels. It’s just that I bought a lot of 6 x 6 in. panels, but I’m not sure that I want to paint on them because it’s hard to sell a painting that’s hard to frame.
I think if I was buying a painting and I had a choice between a 6x6 in and a 5x7 in. by the same artist, I would buy the 5x7 in. because I know I can go to the store and easily buy a 5x7 in. frame. But 6x6 in. frames are hard to find. I know that your telling me that Aaron Bros. has them but I can’t convey that to a potential buyer who I will never even know they were thinking about buying my painting.
This is the only way I can explain what I mean.
I know that 5x7 in. and 6x6 in. panels are easy to find. I get mine at Blicks right down the street.
I have about 20 6x6 in. panels that I don’t even want to paint on now because I’m having a hard time selling that particular size.

The majority of Carol Marine’s art is on 6x6" panels. She offers framing resources in her description so buyers know where to get frames. Also if you take a second photo of your art displayed on a small easel on a shelf or table it will offer another option to framing.


Actually, I found that 6x6" panels sell better, especially for still life paintings! Over half of the sales I had last year were square panels. I wish I had money to buy more, but sadly sales have been so few and far between this year I’m scared to spend for the moment… even though I need supplies. Fingers crossed things start picking up again soon!


I understand what your saying, Andrea, but there are buyers out there without unlimited funds to easily buy frames and be willing to wait for shipping etc.
For instance, I have a buyer who has purchased about 12 of my paintings so far, but he will only buy the 5 x 7’s since he can get frames for them for $2 each at IKEA. I have to consider my buyers wishes sometimes if it means making a sale or not making a sale.
Also, personally, I don’t think there are too many people that like to display paintings on easels because of the space it takes up unless you just have a couple of them. Personally, if I was a collector, I would frame them and put them on the wall.


I guess everyone has different kinds of buyers. In my case, 5 x 7’s are more popular and I sell many more of them instead of 6 x 6’s.
I have about 20 Ampersand 6x6 gessoboards left, but I had to go to Blicks yesterday to get more 5 x 7 panels instead. I don’t know if I want to paint on the 6 x 6’s anymore.
Maybe I’ll try them out one more time but I’m not very confident they will sell.
Also, I’m not saying I don’t sell any 6 x 6’s, but not nearly as much as 5 x 7’s.

I think that buyer preference between aspect ratios also has something to do with the subject matter. While square seems fine with most still lifes, it seems horizontal is preferable for most landscapes. Perhaps that’s why they call a horizontal aspect ratio “landscape”.:slight_smile:


Thanks, Carol, that’s very true… But like I said before, that some people like standard size paintings that are much easier to find frames for. I know that you can’t please everyone, but I think if I was a buyer, I would opt for 5 x 7’s for framing purposes.
Wait a minute…After thinking about this more, if I was a collector, I would buy a painting that speaks to me even if the format isn’t what I want. If I want it bad enough, I would find a frame for it. After all, your not searching for art to buy because of the frame.
Anyway, I already toned all my 6 x 6’s with earth colors and they’re ready to paint on so I’ll just work with them.


I appreciate your suggestion but I don’t use the canvas panels, I use the hardboard panels. The reason is because the canvas panels are mounted on cardboard which seems to warp or bend.
If I could find linen mounted on hardboard panels, that would be a different story. I really do like the texture of linen or even canvas.

I’ve never had a problem selling 6x6s. If you want to frame a 6x6 Jerry’s Artarama sells nice ready made 6x6 frames for less than $10. I’ve sold a lot of 6x6s both thru DPW and at art shows. People love the small size. I have them in a shop in my town that caters to tourists. They’re pretty light and easy to pack and make a great one of a kind souvenir.

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That sounds positive Bob. I like 6x6 paintings and often use that format. Onward and up I say…

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Thanks Jane, but I’m talking about selling them online. Also, I know that I can get frames but to sell them online when people don’t know about Jerry’s is another story. I don’t want to sell my paintings with frames.

Bob, you can get archival linen panels (dibond) from RayMar Art. They have standard sizes and will custom cut for you too.
Trisha Adams

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Another sale option for 6x6s is to put them in the Randy Higbee 6x6 show that takes place in December. It is juried and think they will take 4 from an artist.
You can ship them unframed, they will put your paintings in a frame and display themt.
The minimum price for all pieces is $250. and about half sell. If your piece does not sell, they take it out of the frame and return it to you. Pretty good deal. A little more work than posting on DPW but you might sell there.


Has anyone here ever participated in this show?

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I think Diane Hoepner unsure of name spellinghas submitted and sold some cat paintings

Thanks, Trisha. I’ll check it out.