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6 x 6 in paintings harder to sell than 5 x 7 in.?

(Bob Kimball) #21

Thanks, Linda. I’ll keep that in mind.

(Cathleen Rehfeld) #22

I participated for the first time last holiday season. I submitted 3 paintings, and sold one painting… so he framed all 3, so… I broke even. Which is ok, better than losing $$. ; )

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Maybe you picked up some new customers by the exposure too?

(Tess Lehman) #24

I participated in a show there earlier this year. I did sell one of my three. Butt, and it’s a big butt…the gallery framed my pieces…at about 30-40 apiece. I had to pay for shipping …both ways. And I kept the frames…so I broke even. So… good exposure…I consider myself very lucky to have sold one, as there were about 800 paintings.

(Tess Lehman) #25

Me too! I consider myself very lucky to have sold one…considering how many there were…800+

(Andrea Jeris) #26

I entered 3 one year, 1 got in, did not sell. You must buy their frames to show in this competition. So with entry fee, shipping and frame it was expensive. Next time I entered 3, 3 got in, sold 2, so I probably broke even. But I’m getting better, yes? It cost more to enter more and there are prizes as well. I haven’t won yet either. There’s always next year. :slight_smile:

(Sunny Avocado) #27

So the real cost though you get frames for submitting 3 is $90-$120 plus shipping. And of course, paying commission if they sell. I think I will try it just for the experience.

I would love to see the show myself, looks exciting! All 6"x6" must be impressive. Anyone attend the show??

(Maggie Byram) #28

I Love the square format of 6x6 and 8x8 ! Both canvas panels and gallery wrapped canvas. Also gesso panels. I just totally enjoy painting that way. I often submit these small square paintings to local exhibits, framed, and the very often sell. I have gotten much information from DPW about where to purchase frames. So, thanks artists. Great resource.

(Andrea Jeris) #29

You can ship to Higbee unframed and tell them what frame you want them to frame them in so shipping isn’t that much IF you get it out in time and don’t have to pay overnight FedEx! Then they charge a minimal flat fee on return shipping if it doesn’t sell.

(Sunny Avocado) #30

Ok, thanks! I don’t know that I have the confidence in my artwork to submit…but perhaps at some point.

(Mary Pargas) #31

Your work is wonderful @savocado and you should totally submit it! I just began dipping my toe in ‘real life’ art shows in the past year. My sales online had slowed way down along with most everyone else. I got in to 2 out of 3 and sold in both. It really bolstered my confidence and was good for the extra knowledge. I think I may try the Higbee experience this year too.

(Bob Kimball) #32

I appreciate all the comments, butI think that my original question about the 6x6 in. painting format has been mis-understood.
I wasn’t trying to say I’m a buyer and would like to know where to purchase frames for 6 x 6 in. paintings.
I’m a seller of my paintings and I make 5x7 in. and sometimes 6x6 in. paintings.
I was just trying to get a consensus on different size paintings and opinions from other artists about if you sell paintings easier with either size. Maybe not so much the size but the proportions. Square vs. landscape.
I have a buyer who is reluctant to buy my 6 x 6 paintings even if he likes them. He told me that. He just wants to buy the paintings that are easier to frame.
It’s nice to know where I or anyone else can get frames if they need them, but that really doesn’t help with sales or my original point.
I’m just saying that being the artist and seller, I’m not the one with the problem of looking for frames for my paintings…the buyer is.

(Sunny Avocado) #33

Thank you! And good for you! Local shows in your area or online shows? And rightbackatcha, do enter the Higbee, your art is lovely!

(Bob Kimball) #34

Ok, the topic I started has been highjacked but that’s ok. I realize people want to promote themselves any way they can.

(Sunny Avocado) #35

Hey Bob! I see when I look at your gallery that it looks like lately you are selling more 5x7s, but maybe that wasn’t always the case? I really like your 6x6 still lifes, they feature 1,2 or 3 items and are done well. That is appealing to me. Perhaps revisiting some of the subject matter that you did sell on the 6x6s would help. Or perhaps another reason besides the frame issue? Just a question…but you probably already considered that.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thread, a lot of good suggestions from like artists sharing their experiences. It did get somewhat off topic, maybe should have started a new thread I guess. Although I thought your question was answered. The Higbee show was mentioned as a suggestion to you that you might want to try selling and not only online.

And I’m very glad it was, I am glad to know about it and others’ experiences. :smiley:

(Bob Kimball) #36

Hi Sunny,
Thanks for the input. I’m really just trying to get some ideas about where to get 6 x 6 frames without spending $20 or more for each one.
Like I mentioned earlier, I have a buyer who likes getting his 5x7 in frames at IKEA for $2.00. I think he’s looking for a way to buy frames cheap like that too.
Actually, my question was not answered. Well unless I tell my customers that they are going to have to get a frame online and pay shipping too. I know this extra expense for a painting isn’t much for some people, but for others, it’s literally the make or break of a deal."
I know that 6x6 in. paintings have become very popular over the years so it’s hard to believe that manufacturers don’t make them a kind of standard size.

(Bob Kimball) #37

I think I’ll have to figure out how to make my own 6 x 6 frames, but then again, no. Because after I get done painting on the 6x6’s, I won’t buy them anymore anyway.
I’m just going to get 5x7’s an up from now on. You can get the frames for them anywhere.

(Anne Wood) #38

Hello Bob,

I think you are right…it seems there is such uncertainty about getting 6x6 frames. I had to specially order some in England. The 5x7 little black ones are always ‘on the shelf’. It’s a shame as I like the 6x6.

In the end…we have enough to do without worrying about whether a buyer can source a frame. I shall be wary about it from now on. Unless I order them myself and try to sell them framed.

Then there will be buyers who don’t like my choice of frame!

Best regards Anne Wood.

(Christine Derrick) #39

It’s always hard to fathom out what someone else’s frame choice would be. I have located a UK supplier of float (tray) frames who kindly agreed to make me up a small quantity of 6x6’s, along with some 7x5’s and 8x8’s…these are ideal when painting on gessobord or other flat panels which these days I prefer to canvas. I have come to rather like the square format, even with pastels…the last three pics I’ve sold elsewhere have been square…I think folk will go on whether they like the picture rather than worry about the framing.
I have most of the small tools to do my own framing…it’s near impossible to get delicate little ones for miniature works.

(Sunny Avocado) #40

I went to IKEA to have a look around, I see the $2.49 frames they do have 799 square frames and 999 square frames that could be nice Not $2! But not too bad. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00078032/