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Your Profile/Preferences on DPW Art Talk

I hope all our members fill out their profile here on Art Talk, with links to their work!

I find after reading a post from someone, I want to know more about them or see some of their work they are talking about. Probably a lot of you have done so, but I discovered I had not yet. So I did today.

I especially like that there is an option under profile preferences to open all external links in new tab!

I would have filed this under DPW Art Talk How To but it is more of a suggestion. :smile:

Top right corner screen, click your pic or avatar.
Click ‘profile’
Click ‘preferences’
In ‘about me’, edit by adding your links:


Except use your URL
Scroll down and click on ‘save changes’


Thanks for the reminder Sunny! I must fill mine out. :smile:

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Honestly, this is the cleanest, best designed and user-friendly forum I’ve ever seen! One thing I wish for is a link to artists’ work in their forum profile. I haven’t found it and find myself having to manually open up DPW and type their name in the search field. Hoping this can be changed.

That is what I was saying about putting it in your profile. Check mine out.

That’s great Sunny. I was referring to DPW artists who have galleries. It would be nice to have a button link to your DPW page, and then we can provide external links on our profile if we want to.

The link is for you is the URL when you click on ‘my gallery’ in DPW. For me is:

For you is:

The buttons if this is what you mean under 'My DPW Widgets". From DPW’s main page, go to “my DPW Links”, then “Get the DPW Widgets”

Hi Sunny, just came across your post and it is fabtastic. Updated those links to my profile. Many thanks and happy painting :slight_smile:

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