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What Subject Matter Sells Best

I’m curious to know what subject matter artists here have found sells well. In looking at daily sales I see lots of cats and dogs. I personally like to paint a variety of subjects although landscapes are my favorite.

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Several online articles cover this and are largely in agreement. Here’s one: https://feltmagnet.com/crafts/popular-art-that-sells
That said, the benefits of “painting for the market” rather than concentrating on finding your own vision and direction are debatable.


The article mentioned doesn’t mention florals which is the best selling subject matter for me!

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I think the reason why looking at the sold page, you see lots of dogs and cats is because most of them are commissioned portraits. I’ve done many commissioned portraits and once finished, I would add them to my gallery with the status “sold” and it appears in the sold page. Doesn’t mean it sold on DPW. I found that animal paintings “not commissioned” did sell ok but ppl usually want their own and those were a best seller!

David has made this information easy for you! Go to the “Whats Sold” link at the top of the DP page. Click on Sales Breakdown, a pie chart shows you what’s selling. Since not all paintings are sold on DP but also on other sites like Etsy, Ebay, etc. this is probably a very good overview of the current market.

On your own “My Paintworks” page, click on “Analytics” to see your own results!


Still, painting for the market means income, if they sell, and the ability to paint for yourself and find your own unique voice as you go.

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I’m of the opinion it’s not so much WHAT you paint as HOW you paint.