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What is your favorite book/magazine about oil painting?

(Tess Lehman) #1

It’s Christmas time and my family is asking me what I want. I’ve decided to request books and magazines. would like to hear what some favorites are. I already own Carol’s of course.

(Dave Casey) #2

I have three art magazines that I like. American Art Collector, International Artist and Plein Air Magazine. Not really sure I have a favorite book. I’d rather have DVDs like those from Quang Ho or Daniel Keys.

(Linda Carney) #3

You can’t go wrong with Alla Prima by Richard Schmid…

(Dina Roosth) #4

I really love Patti Mollica’s work and teaching method. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge.In the book category I like her “Color Theory”. But my favorite is her DVD “Acrylic Brushwork Techniques”. Oils are my medium choice but I found this book very helpful.

(Tess Lehman) #5

Thanks Dave! Going to check out those DVDs ! And magazines!

(Tess Lehman) #6

I bought the Alla Prima book! Love it! My favorite so far!

(Lori Twiggs) #7

Art Spirt is a must have book and I like Southwest Art as far as magazines go. I also agree that Schmids Alla Prima is anther must have.
Now that I think about it, David Leffel has a few books that make terrific gifts. I have all three but An Artist Teaches is where I’d start.
So many good books out there!

(Tess Lehman) #8

thanks Dina! I do love Patti’s work. Will check out her books!

(Gary Westlake) #9

I have learned from:

“Color and Light” James Gurney
"Mastering Composition" Ian Roberts
"The Simple Secret to a Better Painting" Greg Albert

(Connie McLennan) #10

The one I’m coveting is Dan McCaw’s “A Proven Strategy for Crearting Great Art.” Used will be just fine, thank you.

(Michael Sason) #11

This post comes in regard to a X-Mas present a bit late … but probably not too late in regard to painting.
There are so many books out there and each has information that is useful. But my favorite books of which each one contains masses of helpful information are both of the same author, Kevin Macpherson.
The first book that I got “by chance” and that was really such a lucky chance, is
I lived in Hamburg, Germany, then and went to my hometown Munich for a visit. In an artist supplies shop I found this book in the section “english books”. So happy to have “found” such a treasure box.
The second book I bought on purpose:
“lanscape painting Inside & Out”.

I find both books highly recommendable or even “must have” literature not only for beginners …