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Traveling Overseas with Oils

(Patricia Barnes) #1

Am traveling to Tuscany in the spring to paint. Can I pack my oils in my suitcase? What else should I know?

My thanks,

(Irina Beskina) #2

Patty, if you worry about transportation security regulations, then there is no problem to put oil paints in the checked baggage: I did it many times, no problem at all. Once they asked me to open my bag and show the tubes, that’s all. Spray paint and turpentine (as well as other paint thinners) are prohibited even in the checked baggage though.

(Michael Sason) #3

When you use a fast drying medium it may dry well in time before you get home.
Also, you can cut pieces of canvas bigger than your actual finished painting size and roll it up in a carton tube container for safe transport. Back home you can strectch the painting. Unless of course you use canvas panel.

(Veronica Brown) #4

I’m traveling this Feb. and I’ve been reading that you must package your oils in bags and print out the MSDS sheets and highlight the flashpoint. Anything else/pointers that anyone can give?

(Karen Cooper) #5

Ironically, I now live out of the US, and I am kind of experienced at this :slight_smile: . When we first moved to our new location, I followed the norm and thought I had to take absolutely everything with me. Surprise! Art supplies are available world wide. Buy them when you get there - the city where I now live has multiple art supply stores. Where I lived in the US, prior, I had to order online or drive 2 hours.