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Suggestions on which Notebook or Tablet to Purchase to Paint from Photos

Hi! I’m thinking about buying a Notebook or Tablet to work from. Looking for better color to paint from, and also to save on my purchase of ink for my printer! Are there any that are better for artists than others? A techno guru I am not! Any suggestions would be appreciated! :smile:

I love my iPad. The color is great, and to me it’s the obvious choice, though I’m sure there are other less expensive options.

Thanks Connie! Now I just have to make room for it someplace, or get yet another table!

I’m also considering a similar item for the same reasons (saves on the printer ink). The iPad is expensive but then again the Apple build and design is way better than most Windows-based computers and will probably give you good service in terms of lifespan. If you’ve got other uses for an iPad then it’s probably a good choice. At the other end of the scale are the cheaper Windows or Android-based tablets. I don’t know what the screen resolutions are like on these, although the few I’ve seen so far seem good enough to paint from. Just one issue…overall physical screen size. Some are just 7" screens (diagonal measurement)…I’d prefer a 10-inch, being older and with more crotchety eyesight.

I’ve had my iPad 2 since 2011–never a single problem. This looks like a great next step: http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/ipad-pro/

Thanks Cristine! I’m with you on the larger screen, definitely looking for a larger one! I turn 65 the end of this month, so the larger and clearer the screen is the better! My husband thinks I should get one with a keypad (detachable), so I don’t get paint on the screen. He has been doing some research for me, and I just received a “Low On Ink” message, so I guess now is the time to get one. Guess I will just have to pull myself away from painting for a few hours and go out shopping. I’ll have to compare prices too, as just had one set of company here for 10 days, and stepson and two grandsons coming for 2 weeks at Christmas, so cost is a factor. THANKS!

Thanks Connie! I had been thinking cost was a factor, however on the other hand, with these features, and seeing that it is comparable to a desktop computer…I don’t know. My desktop is getting old, perhaps this is the way to go?! Appreciate everyone’s input, I will get out today or tomorrow as just received a “Low On Ink” message, so now is the time to purchase. Thanks again!

I also vote for iPad. It’s worth the extra cost. If you do try apps Artrage, Artgrid and Photovideocast. I use the small one but chromecast to a larger monitor. no danger of getting paint on it that way.

Thanks Gary! I will have to check out those apps, not familiar with them…new to all this!

I use a Samsung Note 8 and love it. It sits easily on my small easel next to my canvas. It has a 5" x 8" screen and find this adequate. I also use the note 8 to take the photos of my paintings, and have been very happy with the images. The images are uploaded to DPW via my note 8.

Thanks Leanne, I’ll check this out! I didn’t get out today to look…got engrossed in a painting, maybe tomorrow! Thanks again!

I think the only thing I could add is go for the largest tablet you can afford. I have a 7" and it is too small for my tastes. I have a 10" on my Christmas list for myself. :smile:

Also, you don’t really need to get another table to hold a tablet. Just get one of these:

Tablet holder

Thanks Dave! Still haven’t gotten out, so appreciate your response! That holder is great! Is it actually a tablet holder, or something else that you are using as one? I am going to go for the largest I can find too! Thanks again!

It is a tablet holder. You can find this model on Ebay right now for about $20. Obviously you will need a square or flat place to attach the clamp, like the crossbar on the easel.

Tablet holder on Ebay

Just a few further thoughts on this issue. Since my post here, I had got hold of a purchase via Ebay, had spent some time researching beforehand, and got a 10 inch Lenovo…refurbished and with warranty. Sadly the battery proved unreliable and I returned it today, under warranty. If you buy from Ebay, take your time searching through the sellers and try and get one through a reliable refurbisher/tech expert who does offer some sort of warranty. Tablets can be tetchy and temperamental, they need a little more TLC than we give to desktops; electronics can be upset by the slightest thing. I’m hoping to get a replacement if the seller has one…and if not, I’ll take my refund and look out for something else. Still think it’s a useful device, though.

Thanks a LOT Dave! I’ve got my large studio easel right behind my small desk top one, so that will work!

Thanks Christine, will have my husband do some more research for me and check out that Lenovo. We were just planning on purchasing a new one, but we could check out refurbished…hate to go through the hassle that you did though! Good Luck!

I took a painting workshop this summer. All of the students and the teacher used ipads. It was not a requirement, it just happened to turn out that way. The screen on mine is about the same size as my paintings, 6" x 8".

Hi Dave! I am such a procrastinator! I have been meaning to write you for weeks to thank you! I got a holder for the tablet I purchased, and am so very happy with it, thanks again for the tip, really appreciated it!

I use a 10 inch Acer tablet. You need to adjust tie time before it sleeps though.