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Suggestions on which Notebook or Tablet to Purchase to Paint from Photos

(Christine Derrick) #21

My ten-inch Lenovo replacement is working fine and Kenneth is right…the “sleep” time of the machine needs to be adjusted, otherwise the screen blanks out after just a minute or so (rather like mobile phones). I have mine set to 30 minutes; thus it uses up a bit more power, but at least I get 30 minutes painting-time before needing to worry about prodding it back to life.

(Candi Hogan) #22

Thanks Cristine! I’ve got mine set to 30 minutes also!

(Candi Hogan) #23

Thanks Kenneth, I found that out! Now have it adjusted to 30 minutes, thanks! Happy Painting!

(Kenneth Coon) #24

The Acer also has a 10 hour battery so you can use it for hours and the battery will still be okay.