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Scams - has anyone received suspicious emails?

(Kaethe Bealer) #1

I was recently contacted by someone who said they were interested in a painting I had on my gallery page. There were a few words that were not grammatically correct and he asked for a description about the piece. The info was posted with the painting. When I responded he wrote back and signed his name with a different first name than the original email. I just deleted it thinking it was a scam.

(Rafael DeSoto Jr.) #2

If you were contacted through DPW email, you’re safe. Every email has this statement below:
"Comments are not screened. If you receive an inappropriate comment, please accept my apologies and click my name below and let me know so I can remove it.
Thank you!

  • David Marine"

(Tl Shaver) #3

Yes. The old fake shipping company scam is going around again. I received an email from a Jeremy Shultzer who wanted to buy pretty much all the paintings on my website that haven’t been sold…RED FLAG…and he’s in Singapore…RED FLAG…but you gotta play along. Might be a huge sale. It will sound legit…and they will try to string you along. It becomes obvious though when they tell you Fedx or UPS won’t get through the tough customs of Singapore. Than they’ll give you a fake shipping company they want to use. Just google it and it will take you to a fake shipping company page…and give you all the details.

(Sunny Avocado) #4

Yep, lots of them. And always with bad grammar, being very vague about a few pieces. DELETE.

(Anne Wood) #5

I will watch out for these emails. Thank you for the warning.

(Paul Charlton) #6

Yep, me too. Bad grammar and very suspicious. I emailed him that he must buy through Daily Paintworks/PayPal and that I would only ship via USPS - haven’t heard back from him again.

(Theresa Taylor Bayer) #7

I’ve gotten contacted thru DPW email asking prices for artwork that is already priced on DPW, or for a catalog --which DPW is, already. I figure that if they really want to buy it, they’d either bid in the auction or hit “buy it now.” So I just delete emails like that.

(Karen Roncari) #8

I received emails from a David Barry about 2 of my peices, asking for “more details”. The exact sentences in each inquiry identical except for painting titles made it weird.
Also coincided with learning of Wallpart.com which helps themselves to anyone’s art off the internet using images to sell prints. Yes, they have mine as well, most of which were grabbed off my DPW site!

(Kaethe Bealer) #9

That is the same name used for the email I received. The first email I got was signed Barry. The next was signed as David. Sorry to hear about the your images being used, seems like there should be a way to get a “cease and desist”?

(Nancy Roberts) #10

I experienced the same thing. My guy also called himself David Barry. On the off-chance that we was legit I e-mailed him back with a link to my website shop. No response of course. Next time I receive something like that I’ll just delete it.

(Dietmar Stiller) #11

Yep, also got emails from David Barry. First shipping trick -no way- and then he sent me an unasked fake overpaid cheque (plus 2.000 $) and said it was a terrible mistake from his accountant blah blah blah… Wanted me to remit the excess payment. I informed DPW, the bank and the authorities. (The letter with the cheque came from Midland/GB.)

(Dietmar Stiller) #12

Hi Rafael.
What kind of “safe” do you mean? :innocent:
Never underestimate the foolishness of mankind and the audacity of scammers…

(Robyn Jorde) #13

I have gotten a few. I never hear from them again when I say I prefer them to use PayPal.

(Cristina Mihailescu) #14

Yes, I received e-mails from this guy David Barry, too. He pretended that he wants to buy lots of works from my gallery but after I let him know how much he has to pay and the only way that he can send the money is through DPW/payal…thanks heavens I’ve never heard from him again…

(Sharon Leah) #15

I got an email through DPW recently from a woman who wanted to buy 3 of my paintings. I was flattered that she had looked in my gallery, but my internal “scam meter” was sending warning signals. I told her to use PayPal. She responded that 2 of my paintings had the “Buy through Email” option. As I have no intention of selling through email, I let her know I had changed the selling method to PayPal. I never heard back from her.

From this experience, I’m assuming that more scams are successful when artists sell through email. I’m sticking to PayPal and verified sales.

(Anne Wood) #16

Hello Sharon, I have had 2 emails from a woman wanting to buy 11 paintings! She wanted to know if they were shipped together whether there would be a discount on shipping costs. I have replied giving a one shipment price and asked for her address and confirmation to pay via a Paypal invoice which I would organise. I am waiting for her response now. Naturally I would wait for Paypal to email the transaction before I ship the work. I have placed the paintings ‘On Hold’ for two days…they will revert to ‘Available’ after that. Like you Sharon I am being cautious. This could be a scam.

(Rafael DeSoto Jr.) #17

If you sell within Daily Paintworks, each painting will go through the PayPal process and you can verify if funds were deposited in your account before shipping. If you are gullible enough to go outside this process, the likelihood of becoming a scam victim increases.

(Anne Wood) #18

I have pleasure in reporting that my emails were genuine and the Paypal invoice was paid in full. I always prefer the Paypal route…it costs in fees but I think it is worth it.

(Tl Shaver) #19

Hi Anne,

That’s wonderful. I would tell ya to look at my post earlier in this question. After investigating my scammer and his scam, I found out that the funds would clear. That get’s you to send your work out to them…and then somehow the funds are pulled back…even with paypal…Don’t ask me, I don’t know how it’s done, but I thought I’d give you this tip. I’m happy for you that everything went well. That’s fantastic. Just wanted to let you know that things can still be scammed sometimes even after it seems like all is good. Mine was a fake shipping company scam, but whatever I would have asked for would have cleared…for a few days…still can’t figure that one out…Congratulations are still due to you.

(Anne Wood) #20

Thanks tl…but now you have me concerned…I hope my money stays intact.