Ratio sales and buy link clicks

I am a bit puzzled when I see my buy link clicks which are pretty high compared to actual sales respecticely bids. Are my prizes too high (also minimum bid) - which I do not think so - or maybe too low?
Has anybody any thoughts about this or simmilar experience?

I looked at your art and prices and in my opinion-the prices are not too high! Not at all. I think curiosity is why the buy links go up without sales necessarily. And some people like to shop around for a while, DPW has a lot to offer!

And art is by nature interesting and makes us curious to know more. Maybe even be a future buyer if they like your style and prices. If any clicks are high, that’s good. :smile:

The buy link seems to indicate nothing more than a view and has nothing to do with your pricing. It is a pointless non-statistic which is best ignored.

I like to think a buy link click does indicate more interest on the viewer’s part than simply clicking on a thumbnail to view the work larger, however I agree that a buy click is not very strongly correlated with sales.

Hi Carol,

I am only acquainted with the auction function on the site and since I do not have a buy now price there seems to be no discernible difference between an enlargement view click and a buy click except for general interest overall. However if someone has a buy now link then that click might indicate a greater interest to purchase, yet I assume there is little direct corollary between the frequency of buy clicks and actual purchases. Of course if an artist has mastered painting as well as you then buy clicks are superfluous. Priced reasonably compelling work sells, though in practice this is no simple matter for most of us, nonetheless the challenge is engaging and enjoyable.

Hi Carol, Peter and Sunny,

Thank you for having taken the time to answer.
So, I probably just have to keep on keeping on and steadily pldling along, I guess smile:

Thanks again for answering

  • Michael

On auction pieces that sell, I find my buy clicks are much higher. Assuming they are not unique clicks, I think this can happen because of multiple clicks by one or two bidders or interested followers. In general, if the buy clicks are much higher than the average, I agree it indicates greater interest. I think price may be a factor if these paintings don’t sell.