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Pricing - Feedback Request

Morning All,

Can some of you please talk a quick look at my gallery and let me know if you think my pricing is reasonable for my skill level? I’ve researched a lot but I’m driving myself a bit crazy trying to figure it out.

Thanks, in advance, for your kind assistance❣️

Cyndi Agathocleous



I’ve been painting for about 27 years but have only just returned from an 8 year hiatus, due to full time work. So, I’ve been painting again for about a year.

I used to show and sell regularly - anywhere from $35 to $250 per painting depending on size.

Thanks again for your input!

I like your work and I think it’s very reasonably priced. Maybe it’s just me but I think it might be helpful to put your name on your paintings. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the feedback, Danny!

Do you mean that I might sign my paintings on the front? I sign them on the back right now.

Yes, very reasonably priced.
Certainly don’t go any lower. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pricing is ok. One odd thing I’ve noticed, you price your paintings quite similar, even though 8x8 is different from 12x12. Interesting

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Should I price the 12” x 12” higher? Thanks for the feedback, Julia!

Thanks for your kind feedback, Jacqueline! Should I go about higher?

A lot of artists charge around $1.50 per square inch when they just start selling.
So say around $55 for a 6x6 and $100 for an 8x8.
You might want to limit a 12 x 12 to around $150.

Of course it also depends on things like complexity of subject matter and materials.
You can increase your prices as you start to make sales and you grow in confidence.

I hope that helps!


That does help. Thank you, Jacqueline❣️

No problem, you’re welcome!

yes, I would price bigger paintings like 12x12 a bit higher.

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Thanks for your help, Julia❣️

Hi Cyndi

I just looked for you. They are lovely. Your works show skill and I think you are keeping them within the range of similar types of work on the website. What are your thoughts? Ultimately if you put it up for too low and you don’t feel good, I’d go a bit higher. Even if it doesn’t sell, you feel good that you’ve priced your skilful work well. Just my thoughts. This is what I have decided to do. But I’ve experienced similar concern. If you like you please take a look at my page : Eszter Rajna. I’d love your thoughts too. I guess we just need to keep experimenting. I think it’s worth remembering that just because it doesn’t sell (among the average 220 a day that’s on it) doesn’t mean your price isn’t right. But it’s natural to wonder! I hope you get some thoughts from others. It’s brave to ask! Eszter

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Hi Eszter,

I think you are right when you say that it’s better to price at a reasonable level and feel satisfied with the sale(s) that you get. Also, if you price too low you end up devaluing original paintings - which doesn’t help anyone.

I looked at your gallery too - very nice! You are pricing higher than me but it seems like you sell larger pieces and have an education in art. I think education and a resume of shows/awards must play into pricing too.

Thanks for your feedback❣️

I found this very helpful article…

Since it was mentioned… signing a painting, to me, is absolutely a must. It’s your brand. It tells the world that you proudly offer it for sale. I would not purchase a painting without it. Just my 2-cents.

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Thanks Kent! I sign mine on the back.

Yes, your signature looks AWESOME, Kent - as well as your work❣️

Mind if I ask why on the back? Just curious because your work is worthy of your signature on the front.

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