PayPal or some other way to sell

I am thinking about using my own email as a way to sell artwork rather than using PayPal. How has that worked for anyone?

What does anyone think? And thanks!

Daphne Boder

I haven’t been here long, but so far I have just bought a couple of pieces of art, one before I signed up, so it doesn’t show, but I like using my paypal to pay. I don’t know how the pay by email works on either side, but when I have seen pieces of art that say pay by email, I have not bought, because I like the security of paying by paypal. I would be curious to see someone explain how that pay by email works. Hope you are all doing well. Jacey


Hi Jacey,

Welcome to DPW - we very much appreciate your patronage!

“Pay by Email” isn’t very clearly named. It simply means the artist hasn’t set up or isn’t offering online payment. Instead, clicking the “Pay by Email” link lets a buyer send a secure email through DPW to say they are interested in purchasing the work. How the purchase is done is between the artist and the buyer. It is nothing more than that. We encourage our artists to offer online purchasing instead.



Thank you Carol for the explanation.


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When people read “Pay by Email,” I believe many immediately leave the artist’s site. They are not looking to engage and go back and forth with the artist. There’s hundreds of artworks out there. If you want yours to sell, make it as easy as possible.



I’m very new to DPW. As Carol and others have recommended, making it as easy as possible for buyers to make a purchase by providing them a Buy Now link would likely be the best option. I found it very easy to follow the directions from DPW in setting up the “” direct Credit Card processing account. The fee for processing the CC is not that large (2.9% + $0.30).

Jack Carter