Paint tubes are disappointing

I am sorry to dump this on you, but I have just been triggered. Again I grabbed a tube by the paint because the cap didn’t stay on and is floating down at the bottom of the drawer. Please explain to me why we can we can design huge rockets to go into space and we cannot yet fix paint tubes. Why don’t we reassign the executroids that are busy redesigning toothpaste tubes yet again when toothpaste tubes have been fine since I was a boy. Not only that, most of my paint tubes are crinkled beyond recognition. Don’t try forcing them back into shape or the paint will squirt out the side drooling down your arm. Come on guys. We’re better than this.

…I feel better now.


Try a tube wringer. They’re kind of fun to use, and you can get more paint out of the tube. Up to 30%. Also, if you ever have a problem with a cap, write the manufacturer, and they’ll probably send you a few new caps.

Why is it that I know exactly what paint brand you are talking about. I love their colours but…not their tubes or caps. Stevenson had a line of paint that was manufactured in Richmond, B.C. Canada that used the same tubes and caps as toothpaste. It was a good quality paint as well but unfortunately they are no longer in business. Yes, you would think that they could do better!

Theresa is right. I emailed Golden and they sent half a dozen cap replacements that were better than the original caps. I’ve been using a paint key to keep my tubes in shape and I get all the paint out of the tube. It’s amazing how much is there when you think you’ve used it all up.

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I have the same problem …ugh the caps… and these paints dry out quicker. So, on the suggestion from an artist I admire , i decided to try a different brand. Liquitex heavy body acrylics… The colors are almost as strong and the tubes are soft plastic , the caps are larger and fit much better … Sennelier also makes nice acrylic paints and they come in a pouch.