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How to properly store acrylic paintings

I stored some acrylic paintings face to face. They stuck together and when I pulled them apart paint peeled off. How does one store paintings so that wont happen in the future? Thanks

Maybe try laying some greaseproof paper, or glassine paper (like as used for covering pastel paintings), over the painted surfaces, before storing. Both these papers are smooth and not fluffy. Paper would be easier to remove from the surface, even if it did stick. Probably not ideal to store them face-to-face. I once had two small paintings on canvas board stick together (though these were oils, not acrylic); the backing-paper from one board got stuck on the painted surface of the other. I managed to soak off the paper with water.

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Thanks for answering
When you say greaseproof paper - do you mean something like wax paper or parchment? I never heard of glassine - but I’ll look into it

Greaseproof paper is what we use in the UK for lining cake-tins and similar, to prevent the food from sticking to the tin…if you’re USA you might have another name for it. I would think any sort of similar smooth paper would be ok.
Glassine paper should be available via art stores, pastel painters often use it for separating their pastels and providing protection because it is non-static forming, but that’s a property of the paper that isn’t relevant to acrylics, of course.

in the US it’s called Baking Parchment paper and comes in a roll in the grocery store, next to aluminum foil, etc. Great for wrapping acrylic or oil paintings for storage AND for mailing.

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I haven’t had that problem. I store mine in clear envelopes and have taken them to shows that same way so that folks could look through them. (Most of those are simply on 140 lb watercolor paper). If you paint with thicker acrylic that may be the problem. I think I would just use ordinary wax paper between them.

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I know nothing about acrylic painting as I do watercolor exclusively… but I wonder if old fashioned wax paper between the paintings would work. Just a thought. I am always thinking about biodegradable products especially when they are readily available.

Thank you for your ideas. I am opting to go with parchment (Greaseproof paper), I am worried about the wax coming off the wax paper. Parchment paper sounds like a great idea and I don’t have to go to an art store to get it.- always a dangerous idea.
I don’t think it had anything to do with thick acrylic but the fact that we had no air conditioning this summer and our house was extremely humid.
Thanks again for the ideas

I’ve been using ordinary wax paper for years for both acrylic and oil painting. So far, no problemo.

I’ve used wax paper between my acrylic pours and the wax stuck on the face of the paintings. Not all thankfully but some. I’m going to be switching to parchment paper from now on.

Do you just rest the parchment paper between each canvas or tape it down? And what do you do for large canvases? My experience is that tape doesnt stick to the parchment paper. And do you stand upright or lay flat? I have them standing upright as i dont have room to lay flat.