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How to finish a canvas pad oil painting?

I bought a pad of 6"x8" linen canvas and am planning on taking it plein air painting with me this summer, just tacking one sheet onto a piece of cardboard. Is it “acceptable” to frame this sort of thing with an 8"x10" mat and a cardboard backing not glued to the linen.? I would rather not use glue, before or after I have completed a painting.

It’s not clear whether you intend to paint with oil or acrylic but either way, these mediums do not need to be framed under glass while works of art on paper do. Your paper mat will also require glass when covering. I think you would be better off using a ph neutral glue and attaching your painting to a piece of hardboard or rigid foam core. If you cut it to a standard from size it will be simpler for your customers to frame.

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I’ve done some similar work to what you are describing. I have adhered the canvas or linen sheet to either hardboard or foam board. Then either frame or mat & frame (similar to watercolor). Because I use acrylics, I do not use glass. I always use either a ph neutral glue or tape to mount the final painting (which is sealed as well).

Here’s a link to one of my paintings on my website, showing the 3 options.


I would frame your finished painting like a I would a framed watercolor with ph neutral tape that framers use. The linen tape is really strong. I have only done this with watercolors though. I am not sure if this tape with stick to oil paints. I would recommend trying a small oil painted or acrylic painted swatch on your canvas let the tape dry and see how it sticks before the real thing. Tug on it to make sure its a strong bond. Here’s a link to what I am refering to - http://www.framingsupplies.com/ToolsTapesGlues/ToolsTapesGlues.htm will be interested how it works out for you.

Hi Patricia,
Why not trying to stretch a finished dried painting with the size of 10x12 on to a 6x8 frame? The sheet, once dried having used fast drying medium, can be easily rolled up and stored in a carton tube. Very convenient when travelling. At home the painting (6x8) done on the 10x12 sheet has 2" material on all 4 sides to stretch on to a frame.
This goes even better the bigger the painting is. Just make sure you leave about 2" of unpainted canvas for stretching.
You can use a needle to mark the 4 corners in order to align the painting properly and fix it on to the frame.
This is not my idea but taken from one of
my favorite art books by Kevin Macpherson.
Actually it is his second book. :blush:
Hope this helps or inspires.
Happy painting

Hi Mick…that’s a really good idea and thanks so much.