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Have you found any good free videos on Youtube?

(Elizabeth Johnston) #22

The various color mixing tutorials by Will Kemp are fantastic. I use this one in particular with an Intro to Acrylics class that I teach.

(David Kuhn) #23

I thought I’d add this one from Alvaro Castagnet. Absolutely love his work.

(Gary Westlake) #24

Here is one by John Larriva

(Gary Westlake) #25

Here is an interesting discussion on Notan by Mitchell Albala

(Anne Wood) #26

Great Gary, I love his teaching. I have his book too which is very good. Actually, I am reading it for the umpteenth time right now!

(Dave Casey) #27

There are just way too many art videos on Youtube to narrow down to one or two. I guess it depends on what a person is looking for. For drawing instruction I like Proko and Jeff Watts. For painting, too many to mention. If you just want to watch some good demos, I love to watch Mike Lang. He has a ton of demo videos, some of which are over an hour long. If you can’t learn something from watching him for an hour, I don’t know what to tell you. :smile:

(Corinne Aelbers) #28

When I taught a beginners watercolor class a few years ago I usually showed a youtube demo so everyone could see the many ways of approaching doing watercolor. There is an amazing selection on youtube

watercolor snow landscape

(Corinne Aelbers) #29

Here is another one . . . I find the technique used in this landscape fascinating . . . amazing

(Bob Kimball) #31

Sorry I was going to post one of my own videos from Youtube to here but I don’t know how to embed it.
All I can only post a link but I’d rather embed it.

Ok, I figured it out!!!

(Bob Kimball) #32

Here is another one.

(Michael Sason) #33

I greatly admire watercolor paintings. Here are two of my favorite artists in this medium, Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet.
Enjoy …
Joseph Zbukvic
Alvaro Castagnet

(Michael Sason) #34

Hi Bob, I guess you figured it out how to embed a video :slight_smile: could you please explain this to me?
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards Michael

(Gary Westlake) #35

Stephan Bauman has a series of interesting videos

(Elena Nayman) #36

A great video, a demo by Alvaro Castagnet

(Elena Nayman) #37

Another one is by Graham Berry.

(Anne Wood) #38

Thanks Gary, I have been watching these Stefan Baumann videos and now I am hooked! Great stuff.

Kind regards, Anne.

(Gary Westlake) #39

In researching painting supports I came across this series of basic videos by Andrew Davis

(Gary Westlake) #40

future conservators be very afraid

(Gary Westlake) #41

In case you have a hankering to make your own frames

Where to purchase Frames for 6 x 8 and 6 x 6 paintings
(Rhett Regina Owings) #42

The videos on Watermixable Cobra oils are EXCELLENT. There are 8 in all and are well worth watching if you are using watermixable oils. I am having all my students watch them.