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Have you found any good free videos on Youtube?

Please share the link. Thanks!


I like these time lapse demos by Colley Whisson.


Not exactly considered an instructional video to many people, but extremely so for me. Not in the nitty gritty of materials but a broader subject video. I picked up nuggets here and there but i most enjoy learning about other people’s process and seeing their personality come out in paint as I’m watching. Especially Jim McVicker

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Thank you Sunny…I have watched five minutes of Jim McVicker and will watch the rest later tonight. I enjoy watching Brian Rutenberg in New York. He has videos on YouTube from his studio. www.brianrutenbergart.com


Mike Rooney has posted some good videos on you tube. He has a relaxed and straight forward approach and covers a range of topics. I really like his work too,

This is a good watercolor demo by David Taylor

He’s an amazing colorist!

I enjoyed a video by Robert Hagan, “You can paint your pet”. It was simple and informative.


I learned some useful stuff from Skye Taylor. http://youtu.be/z-nQeZhDMrA

I plan on trying pastels, and the person that motivated me to at least put it on my list of plans…is Karen Margulis and her youtube channel is here.

Colley Whisson seascapes
Les Darlow, his skies!

I guess just like me art, I bounce around a lot to different mediums, different subject matter.

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It seems really good artists on YouTube post snippets of tutorials as a means of introducing DVDs or online lessons. Still, you can get a lot out of a few minutes. I LOVE New Zealander Richard Robinson’s work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-P36W-in5w_PoPZL1xu09A

John Crump in Australia - really good
Jim McVicker video is good too

It’s great to check out everyone’s favorites. Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t think Andy Dolphin has been mentioned. He has some very informative videos on YouTube.

I am not much into doing this art form myself but I have very much enjoyed watching a number of these videos by concept design artist Feng Zhu. It is a fascinating peak into the world of those who create ideas for movies and video games.


Hey @garyw! Even though it is not traditional art, I think I can learn a lot and use it in my art form, thanks for the link!

His art is beauttiful! I am checking into his vids now, thanks for the name! So much great art, so little time! :smiley:

For those who enjoy figure drawing but can’t make it to the life drawing studio, I highly recommend ‘Croquis Cafe’ and ‘New Masters Academy’ videos with timed poses:

It’s a great resource and I use it all the time!


Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brian Rutenberg. He is so articulate and has so much art history knowledge it is amazing. And he can be funny. I’ve see all 40-something of his videos, some more than once. They are not how to videos, but he talks about his work, his process, and his journey.


@purplehaze After reading your post I started watching the Rutenberg videos. Love them. I mean, the paintings are great, too, of course, but finding an artist who really gets deep into his philosophy of painting was such a refreshing find. Thanks for posting about him.


I have Brian in my favourites and have followed him since his first video. I often have them playing whilst I paint…sometimes not to watch but to listen. Great. I find him inspiring.

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@woodworks Just followed the thread further up, and it looks like I should actually be thanking you, Anne, for mentioning Rutenberg. So thanks :slight_smile:

Watching them made me remember how much I actually like abstract art, as did a film I just saw this morning on Docurama about Joan Mitchell.

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