Facebook Question

Do you have multiple Facebook accounts - one for art and one for personal? Or do you use a ‘Page’ on your personal page. Thanks for any info.

I have a personal account then I set up a business page for my art. https://www.facebook.com/AndreaJerisArtist/

Answered on this thread. I think Facebook rules allow only one primary account, not multiples or false identities. You could create another account using a different name and different email address, but why?
"…I have both the primary profile (for “friends” both personal and professional) and an art “page.” I like having both. I certainly don’t want every (sometimes personal) thing I say, “like”, respond to, etc. to show up on my business page; and I don’t want to spam all my friends with every painting I post. This way they get to choose. I have Facebook friends who follow my page and buy my art, and others who don’t. My page has followers I don’t know at all. Also, when someone “likes” your business page or shares something from it, many other people you don’t know will see it, some of whom may decide to follow it. So I think it’s good to have both. Remember that on your personal/profile wall, you can choose the audience for each post–public, just friends, or any number of custom settings; while your business page is public."

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I have a personal account and a business account, also. Although, I post my paintings on both because some wouldn’t see the paintings if I only posted them on my business page. I don’t think FB has done me any good, for some reason.

Karleen, if you “Like” your own business page your posts should show up in your personal page so you don’t have to post on both.


Sorry, for the late reply…it went into my junk mail. Thanks so much, Andrea for the tip! I didn’t know that.

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I didn’t know that either Andrea, I have always posted on both. Cool! Thanks!

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I’ve noticed that on my business page FB limits the percent of my followers that see my posts. I have both, but my personal page gets more viewing, by far. With that said, I am not sure I’ve actually gotten any sales through FB.

Maybe you have gotten sales and don’t know that is where they came from? Also-it’s a networking thing…some that find you there will follow you, and may be a buyer later on. At least they get to see what you are doing artwise, and for the post-you get seen on lots of timelines.