How do you switch type of Facebook page?

When I setup my Facebook page, I made the mistake of creating a personal page instead of the type of page that you “Like”. Does anyone know how to switch from one type of Facebook page to another? I feel that I have created a block for some people since they have to “ask” to become friends instead of just “Like” the page. It also seems that I can not boost a post. Any help would be very much appreciated.

IDK the answer really to your question but I do have input.

I did same, and facebook made me change my name and use a biz page added to my personal page. So instead of friending,we have to ask for likes. I much prefer the personal page for everything, all friends and friends of friends see posts and don’t need to ask for likes. and then the page which is not personal:

Thank you Sunny! I appreciate your help on this.

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Like Sunny, I have both the primary profile (for “friends” both personal and professional) and an art “page.” I don’t know that you can change the profile into a page–I think not. I like having both. I certainly don’t want every (sometimes personal) thing I say, “like”, respond to, etc. on my business page; and I don’t want to spam all my friends with every painting I post. This way they get to choose. I have friends who follow my page and buy my art, and others who don’t. Also, when someone “likes” your business page or shares something from it, many other people you don’t know will see it, some of whom may decide to follow it. So I think it’s good to have both. Remember that on your personal page, you can choose the audience for each post–public, just friends, or any number of custom settings; while your business page is public.

Thank you Connie. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Happy painting!