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Auction vs. Fixed Price?

I’ve been away from DPW for a while and am gearing up to jump back in! Question - do you think an auction is better than a fixed price and why?
I have been painting and posting online since 2007, and have been away for a few years. Still painting, just teaching more and selling less :wink:

Welcome back. The auctions aren’t as effective as they used to be. I do still use them in the hopes of pulling more traffic to my gallery. Facebook and Instagram have become more important.

What are auction advantages? Does it get you more front page exposure?

If you choose auction you have a chance to be DPW auction pick of the day or DPW Facebook pick of the day as well as being on the auction page for however long your auction runs.

I am new here as of a month and a half ago and have been trying everything. I put paintings on auction 3 times and never had any action, so I gave up on that.

Hello. I sell paintings on Russian Facebook, in auction groups. It looks like this. The artist himself sets the minimum price for his painting. Uploads a photo of the picture for approval by the administrator to the group, and the administrator puts it up for auction. The group administrator also appoints a bidding step of 300 rubles ($ 4.5) or 500 rubles ($ 7.4). Bidding lasts a day and is published in real time. Everyone sees who made a bet and which one wrote a comment. Bidding ends at 10 pm Moscow time. After the auction, the artist and the buyer communicate with each other in the messenger, deciding on the payment and transfer of the painting. Everything is simple here. The buyer from his card transfers to the artist’s card the cost of the painting + shipping costs. Money comes instantly. After that, the artist packs the picture and sends it to the buyer by the postal service.

Now the question. Are there any similar auctions in the USA on Facebook or other groups in which paintings and artists from other countries could sell?

Oh my, three times is nothing. A lot of people put many paintings up without getting bids. These days, for the vast majority, sales are the exception, not the rule, no matter how they’re offered.