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As an artist do you buy other artists' work?

(Gary Westlake) #1

I know why would you do such a thing? Your walls are already full to bursting with your own work. Your family’s walls cannot take another one. Your friends are afraid to complement your art. Once someone figures out a way to hang paintings on the ceiling, I’m there. Even your unframed, yet to be sold pile is growing. Against all these odds I do buy the work of others. Here is my reasoning: I spend a lot of time looking at paintings online but there is nothing like getting up close and personal with the work, I am very interested in how people ship paintings and this is a good way to find out, I also like to support other artists. If others do it too, I guess its like an exchange of hostages. Are you a buyer as well as a seller?

(Sunny Avocado) #2

I am a buyer too…but I am not in the ballpark of cash flow to be able to buy my favorite artists’ work lately. I have bought a few though. What I do sometimes, is swap. I like that even better, solves 2 problems. If I sell one, doesn’t mean I get to spend the funds on more art! So when I swap, it gets one of mine out the door and I get to enjoy a piece I am admiring. I like my surroundings to keep changing so I rearrange a lot.

Art, art, art! Why do we love it so? :slight_smile:

(Anne Wood) #3

Yes Gary I have recently bought a little painting. Quite agree with your comments.

(Rafael DeSoto Jr.) #4

Interestingly, I just bought a pastel painting from an artist I’ve admired for a long time. She posted a painting I wanted (but couldn’t afford years ago) on Facebook at a discounted price and I went for it. Luckily she accepted payments over 3 months. It’s an early work of hers which I think makes it more valuable, but I bought it for it’s aesthetic beauty not its monetary value. Her name is Kitty Wallis, a renown pastel artist who developed her own specialized papers.

(Lana Ballot) #5

As soon as I can afford it, I’d like to get works by at least a few artists on DPW. One of my favorite pastel artists is on this site, so that will be my first purchase :slight_smile:

(Linda McCoy) #6

Absolutely! I started collecting in 2006, at the beginning of the Daily Painting movement. I consider them a joy and an investment.

(Linda Blondheim) #7

I buy paintings every year for my daughters collections.

(Helen Viebrock Hamel) #8

I buy others’ work. I give myself a small budget and a limit. I’m interested in buying work totally different from my own style. Wish I could spend more! I think it’s a great compliment if another artist buys your work! So, yes, I’m with you!

(Connie McLennan) #9

I own work (two paintings and one high-quality canvas print) by two of my most important teachers, which they let me have for a generous discount. I study and learn from a demo painting Don Hatfield gave me (and others of “mine” that he worked on) all the time. I frequently see things on DPW I would buy if money were no object. But then I have to remind myself why I’m there. :smile: I always feel hugely complimented when other artists buy my work and wish I could do more of the same. But display and storage space would definitely be a problem.

(Christine Parker) #10

Yes, I am happily waiting for a little piece that I just bought online. I wish I could surround myself with more fine art. It is an inspiration and joy.

(Sunny Avocado) #11

I totally agree Christine!

(Roberta Schmidt) #12

I agree! I have plenty on my own walls, and stacks to sell, but I DO love to buy other artist’s works. I have bought at least five paintings from fellow DPW artists so far. I admire their style and art and subjects, and love to have their work on my walls, or to give as gifts. I am so happy to find affordable original art! And daily, I am inspired by the work they produce!

(Catherine Kauffman) #13

I have paintings by my mother, and my son-in-law, art works of various medium from friends of the family, my own work and have recently started collecting works I love. I hang what inspires me, what looks good in a particular room, and what I think might someday be a good investment for my children. I’ve also purchased art from the very young who show talent to encourage them to continue. Most of what I’ve purchased is small so it’s easy to hang. We are getting ready to install picture railing in the living room so I can more easily hang and rotate my collection. But I am blessed with large open spaces, and lots of storage.

(Kathy Guenkel) #14

I love to have the work of other artists. I not only admire work that ‘speaks’ to me but also where I can look at it and see a bit of ‘them’ . By that I don’t just mean texture and style but a bit of personality. It’s the same reason that I have old hand-written recipes in my kitchen. It conveys a sense of sharing that is very special.

(Johan Derycke) #15

I bought a painting once from a friend who painted it. When I got home, my feeling of proudness of having bought such a fine piece of art, I quickly got in an argument because my wife thought it was ridiculous of me to spend that much money on a painting. Let’s just say she’s very pragmatic.

(Jo MacKenzie) #16

As often as possible.

(Robin Zebley) #17

Yes, How boring it would be to look at my own unsold work!

(Mary Schiros) #18

Yep I am a buyer too. Agree there is nothing like seeing another painters work in real time. I will admit one thing…paintings by other artists are usually hanging in my bedrooms. For a while I had mine and others hanging in the living room, but as people came over, they ask about buying work. So the paintings in the living room, kitchen, family room are just mine, you never know when a buyer will stop by.

(Anne Wood) #19

Good point Mary. I have my own paintings in ‘public’ rooms.

(Kg Waldon) #20

I do! I have three paintings by other artists. The first I bought whilst sitting in a Headmistress’s office in the 1990’s. It was her husband’s painting, she said it was for sale and it was (and still is) one of the most beautiful pastel landscapes I’ve ever seen. The second was a few years ago - apparently a Engineering student’s work who does pen and doodling when he’s studying, and comes back and adds colour. It’s a small painting but has a bollywood/LSD feel to it that I love. The third I bought this year - an artist who uses cotton/threads to make landscape miniatures (looks like a painting at a distance). To me, they are all inspiring, great talking pieces, and things I know I will never be able to do myself. I keep details of the artist and moment of purchase on the back of the paintings. I don’t buy a lot of works - on average one every 7 years - but I do seem to levitate towards works that I admire and know I never will be able to do that. (I also have a few prints from an Aboriginal painting exhibition created by high school students that I hang in my kitchen).