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As an artist do you buy other artists' work?

(Kandice Keith) #21

Absolutely. I have purchased a few of my favorite artist’s pieces. Particularly, I have bought an apple from Carol Marine. I have grown so much as an artist since I started following her. It was important to me to own one of her apple pieces to commemorate a “stage” in my career and remind me of I have learned from her. Plus, it’s a perfect way to show your support and say thank you.

(Sharon Leah) #22

Yes, I buy other artists’ work. Like Gary, I enjoy looking at the pieces close up and supporting their businesses. I also I like to see how others ship their paintings.

(Corinne Aelbers) #23

When I travel, now that I can afford to buy modestly priced art, I will often purchase art. It is a way for me to remember experiences during my travels. One etching that my father has in his home is from a day we spent in a small town in Holland searching for art. He found it, I bought it and then felt so bad about snatching it up from under his nose I gave it to him. We both smile when we talk about that etching and that day we spent looking for art.
I also trade with local friends who are artists usually when they have just finished displaying their work at an event.
I do not hang my work in my home, although most of my family have pieces I have done over the years. Usually given as gifts when they particularly expressed an interest in a piece. I really like visiting my work in the homes of my family.

(Jean McLean) #24

Yes, I buy work by others. I display other artists’ work in my house. I keep my own work confined to the studio or areas where visitors are less likely to see it unless invited to see it.

(Jane Robertson) #25

I do. Not as much as I’d like and my budget is limited but I enjoy looking at someone else’s art more than I do my own. And I think it’s important to support other artists.

(Jeff Atnip) #26

I buy other’s work occasionally. I keep looking at other’s art and salivating over it until I can’t stand it any more. The problem is, I never get around to framing them and putting them up. I just stack them with my (very large) stack of unsold paintings.

(Jill see) #27

As much as possible. Artists supporting artists is a very good thing. I don’t have a lot of wall space so I change the “gallery” every so often, although some favorites are always up. Its refreshing and inspiring to see other artist’s work that I admire.

(Rachel Holland) #28

I buy some art every year, like a treat to myself. Yes, we want to have others’ work in our home, to show we are not just stuck on ourselves! I love the techniques of other artists and I have a different technique, so variety is the spice of life.

(Terri Buchholz) #29

I buy quite a bit of art since I love it and want to be surrounded by the things I’m passionate about. I buy pieces from friends, not only because I admire the works, but also to give support. And I buy from artist I admire. I have far more paintings hangings in our home by others than of my own.

(Christine Derrick) #30

I have earmarked several artists at DPW whose pictures I would like to acquire examples of. I have several dozen artworks by other painters that I’ve picked up over many years, including former class tutors; it’s good to see other’s work and get away from one’s own images…freshen up the visual mind. There isn’t room in my house to hang everything in one go, so the smaller sizes available at DPW are ideal…it’s like collecting jewels.

(Dave Casey) #31

I love to buy art from other artists. Mostly from Ebay or DPW. My studio walls have plenty of inspiration hanging on them.

One place I also buy artwork, which probably won’t be popular here, is at Goodwill. We have quite a few pieces hanging in the house that we found in their racks.

(Elizabeth Johnston) #32

I have purchased art from DPW of other artists that I admire and I also purchase small pieces of art in different cities that I visit as souvenirs. I love to support other artists.

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #33

Yes, i buy other artists’ work. I think most artists do. Jean

(Sunny Avocado) #34

I have purchased now from 4 more of my fave artists…would love for it to be a lot more!

(Jacqueline Davis) #35

“like collecting jewels”. I love that. So true. DPW paintings are like little jewels I think.
I have 6 DPW paintings by 5 different artists. I adore all of them. I hope to collect more too.
Keep painting everyone! :smile: