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Artists who leave DPW

I get used to seeing people’s work everyday and notice when they are missing. I guess they decide to leave DPW for whatever reasons but I wonder if there isn’t away to message people before one leaves so that the person can be followed by some other means. One of the people, I miss is Cindy Zoggleman.

I think this is a good idea, Sue. People come back to communities where they have friends. It’s good to keep contact.

Some people have said goodbye on this thread:

I notice some people make the occasional return to DPW.
They leave for a time, take a break then come back.

It’s a shame there’s no way to find the artist you mention. So unusual not to be able to find someone via the internet these days.

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Yes, Terri-Anne, that’s what I would like. I try to follow people’s Instagram accounts, too.

Sorry to see you go!

Some people leave for health or family reasons…as my lovely friend who painted pictures of loggers …I bought one of his paintings and treasure it…and try to stay in touch with him occasionally as he is having a rough time…it is lovely how this cite has given people friendships…even if they never actually meet in person…that’s why I will always support Dpw…it is such a family place…made so by Carol , Sophie and David…of course…


I agree with you Pamela!

Thanks for your reply…I think most people must feel this way…! Your paintings are always amazing by the way!

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I am also leaving for awhile. I have only sold one painting this year at DPW. I have sold more on ebay. I am hoping to return with more new postings soon. I love this site but I need time to figure out if I can continue. My plan is to explore other options and come back with new inventory. I will keep in touch viewing all the lovely paintings here. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring.

Sorry to see you go. What is your eBay account so that I can follow you there.

https://www.ebay.com/usr/munscdonn_bfibqx This is my ebay site. Thanks for asking.

Wow, you are doing just fine on ebay! Congrats, and continued success wherever you sell. :smile:

Unfortunately, I am also looking at leaving for a while. My sales have declined on here the past few years, then dropped off abruptly last year. They are mostly non-existent this year. I am making one last ditch attempt at selling some small, new paintings on here and will make a determination after this month. I’ve been on DPW a long time, but sadly, it just isn’t paying for itself right now.

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Hello, I left DPW several months ago as sales were not in my favour. Now I am re-joining and hopefully next week I shall be back in business. Looking forward to being with you all again.

Hello, Anne, and welcome back! I missed seeing your landscapes here. Hopefully, sales will be better now!

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Hello Irina,

Thank you. What a lovely welcome. I am waiting impatiently for my dollars to arrive in PayPal.

The money was transferred a week ago! Then I can pay my subscription.

In the meantime I have been photographing my paintings ready to upload.

If you would like to follow my work… I write a Monday Blog. Studio musings, art chat and images of my current work. Just go to blogspot.uk/anne-wood.

It is a secure connection.

See you again soon, Anne.

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Hello, Anne,

Thanks so much for the link to your blog. For some reason blogspot.uk is not accessible today - I tried a few times with no success, but I hope it’s a temporary glitch, and it will work for me tomorrow. In any case I remember your works very well and I’ve always admired your bold brushwork. Hope your DPW gallery will be up and running very soon!

Hello Irina, I gave you the incorrect link…sorry, my fault. It should have been… annewoodpaintings.blogspot.com

Thank you for your reply. Best regards, Anne

Glad to see you again, Anne!

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Thank you Terri-Anne. Soon be up and running.