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(Irina Beskina) #21

Thank you, Anne, I figured that out yesterday!

(Anne Wood) #22

Just checked my PayPal and my money still hasn’t transferred. What a pain…seven days! Never mind…eventually I will re-join. :blush:

(J. Dunster) #23

I tried that link but it didn’t work. Is this you? https://annewoodpaintings.blogspot.com/ The paintings are gorgeous!

(Anne Wood) #24


Yes, it’s me! Sorry about typing the wrong link. I must have had a loss of memory.

Thank you for your kind words. I am really looking forward to coming back to DPW. Hopefully by this weekend.

Good wishes and happy painting,


(Christine Derrick) #25

All the best for your return, Anne…you’ve been very busy, judging by the blog. I’m lucky if I get a couple of days spare now, to paint; certainly couldn’t call myself a daily painter. Incidentally, you have inadvertently cost me some money…your adventures with cold wax medium triggered me sufficiently to go and buy a tin to play with!

(Anne Wood) #26

Hello Christine. Thank you for your message. I have been so tied up with preparing for shows that I am now vowing to paint just for me! Well…for now at least. There are still three more group shows this year. The big challenge is deciding which to submit…do I use from my current pile or make new work? I am always tempted to make new work especially since discovering the cold wax. I hope you enjoy yours.