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Anyone use an iPhone camera for photgraphing paintings?

Thanks Andrea — this is so helpful.
I have been weighing between the plain 8 and the 8 Plus.
I am not camera savvy enough to understand all the added photo goodies they give you in the 8Plus.
Two cameras in the 8 Plus —What is the benefit of that ?

And I ask embarrasedly — what is a watermark?

Thanks again Jacinthe.
All your 2019 photos look professionally done.
I have been using my newer iPad and amazed that even it takes
fairly good photos on the floor if in just The right light…
The biggest problem I find is it makes the areas I painted more thinly look way more thinly painted and unattractive than the actual painting shows. I play around with editing and can sometimes fix it.
Also some brushstrokes are showing up way more intensely than in real life.

But on the positive side, I have also found it points out mistakes that I’ve gone back and edited in the painting — especially if I use the black and white filter for value patterns and value contrast.

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I use my iPhone I also have the app ColorStory which I use for making minor adjustments. For small IG videos I use Splice and Horizon. It has a square video setting

Dennis which iPhone do you use?
And where do you find it best to take your photos of paintings?

I have daylight bulbs by my easel for painting and photography I also have a iPhone tripod to make videos of works in progress.

Desk Clamp Mount Suspension Boom… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N77YBLU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I did not know they made an iPhone tripod.
Do you use the IPhone 8. Or 8 Plus?

8x iPhone I must have 20 characters

Yes. iPhone 7. I have 3 lovely cameras but the iPhone actually does a better job imho and of course it is miles more convenient.

Thanks Karen — I’m surprised more people don’t know about
the ease and quality of photographing paintings with iPhones.

Where do you take your pictures at?

Either in my studio or outdoors. I find paintings with a predominance of dark colours are hard to photograph indoors. I use the same corner set-up as for still-life arrangements, here

. Obviously I can change the colour of the backdrop.
I think outdoors is best if it’s not raining. These two below: left hand one shot in studio, right hand one outdoors

Great photos!
Nice paintings done in metal boxes.
Are they quite small metal boxes?

I find the same with my darks, especially shadow areas — and I suspect it’s because I paint them more thinly.
They show up often washed out looking and more thin than I actually painted them.

Just found a great YouTube tutorial on using iPhone for photographing your art work.
It starts with a pencil drawing but later uses a color painting.


Photos are very bright and beautiful, congratulations! Tell me, do you use retouching?

yes I use my new version IPhone se it takes better picture then the iPad Samsung I was using and the digital camera my wife has

does anyone know if you can attache your iPhone to a tripod?

Yes, any cell phone can go on a tripod. Look on Amazon. Lots of different set ups available.

Thank you Cynthia, I did in fact order a attachment so I can start taking my pictures with my IPhone, much sharper and vivid, thank you for your advice, must appreciated Don

I just registered with DPW and I use an IPhone 7. I did have a bit of trouble where some of my photos would flip to landscape mode not sure of the reason. Lately they have been uploading just fine and the quality and color seems to be pretty close. Carol Marine has good suggestions on photoing with good light under a porch no windows refer to her Artbytes. That has helped with my colors which to me is very important! Best Laura

I’m also interested in this. I would like to start my blog about a photo, what can you advise?

I have found my phone works as well as my camera, and it is always ready and easy to use.