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Anyone use an iPhone camera for photgraphing paintings?

yes I use my new version IPhone se it takes better picture then the iPad Samsung I was using and the digital camera my wife has

does anyone know if you can attache your iPhone to a tripod?

Yes, any cell phone can go on a tripod. Look on Amazon. Lots of different set ups available.

Thank you Cynthia, I did in fact order a attachment so I can start taking my pictures with my IPhone, much sharper and vivid, thank you for your advice, must appreciated Don

I just registered with DPW and I use an IPhone 7. I did have a bit of trouble where some of my photos would flip to landscape mode not sure of the reason. Lately they have been uploading just fine and the quality and color seems to be pretty close. Carol Marine has good suggestions on photoing with good light under a porch no windows refer to her Artbytes. That has helped with my colors which to me is very important! Best Laura

Iā€™m also interested in this. I would like to start my blog about a photo, what can you advise?

I have found my phone works as well as my camera, and it is always ready and easy to use.