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Does Anyone Have Experience Selling on Artfinder.com?

(J M Needham) #1

Hi all,

I’ve recently come across Artfinder.com, a London-based site where artists sell their original work. I’ve been looking around for a place to sell the larger work that doesn’t really fit into my DPW gallery, and I’m thinking that this could be quite a good place to try. It looks quite reasonable (once you get past the annoying ‘sign up now’ popups) but I can’t find much feedback from artists who sell there.

Has anyone on DPW tried selling through this site? How was your experience? Does the site look like a good place to sell to more experienced eyes?

I’d appreciate any feedback!

(Connie McLennan) #2

Fairly informative thread about it on Wet Canvas. To even look at the site, you have to join or log on with Facebook, which I don’t like, so I didn’t look.

(Andrea Jeris) #3

I’ve been selling on Artfinder for a year now and I like it very much. I’ve sold 6 pieces and I’m showing the same art as on DPW which is twice as much as on DPW. I don’t post nearly as much as I need to (I’ve had a rough year), hopefully I will be more consistent and more prolific from now on. They also have a Forum for discussions such as this with help and complaining (HA!). No charge to post but there is a 40% commission.

(J M Needham) #4

Hi guys,

@Connie_McLennan Thanks for linking that thread, just the kind of thing I was looking for. You don’t actually have to join to look at the site- that is just a pop-up, you can close it and continue browsing. I do find it annoying, but almost all sites have something like that these days.

@purplehaze I took a look at your gallery, beautiful paintings! That sounds pretty positive. The website says 30% commission plus VAT from what I can see, maybe it’s changed recently… Seeing as there’s no listing cost, though, I may as well apply and see if they like me or not. Nothing to lose!

Thanks again for replying!

(Connie McLennan) #5

Yes, it seemed like a close-able pop-up, but I was not able to close it in my Safari berowser. Maybe just a glitch, or it’s not completely compatible with Safari.
I don’t know how much promotion they do, what their costs are, or how they compare to others, but to me, 30 or 40% commission seems pretty high for an online gallery with no brick-and-mortar expenses.

(Andrea Jeris) #6

Sorry commission on Artfinder is 30% not 40.

(Alix Baker) #7

Hi, I joined Artfinder a month ago and quickly sold an original for quite a lot more than when it was on DPW.
I see someone else replied to you that the commission rate is 40%. In fact it is 30%.
I have noticed that a lot of people look initially and then the number of viewers of my shop fall away although the number of people loving it keeps going ever upwards! Suspect that is the norm as more and more people join the site. The number joining might land up killing it off as people will find sales will become nil as their work gets buried.
To be honest, Artfinder does accept some art that is perhaps not at all good at one end and very good at the other. I know some people feel that the lower bar is not discriminatory enough.

(Sunny Avocado) #8

I did set up an Artfinder profile, loaded paintings but when I realized all the terms and conditions (I know I should have read 1st), I was scared away by the return policy. It’s been a while but it was something like 14 days, they could return for any reason and artfinder could debit if they decided to for their reasons and if it was damaged because the buyer didn’t package correctly…artfinder not responsible. Just too much lack of control over transactions.

I find this to be true on ebay, amazon too. I love DPW but abstracts just don’t sell here. I sell them on ebay ok although cheaply. They don’t sell well online for ME at all, but sell much better when you can see them.

(Bob Kimball) #9

Hello Andrea.

Did the percentage go up? I sell on Artfinder too and I pay 30%. I hope it’s not 40%.

I sold 2 so far since Feb. 2016. I might have been able to sell more but I didn’t put as much energy in it as I do here.
Lately, I’ve been using it more though. I think it’s fine but the percentage they take is high.

Sorry, I must have seen the short version of this thread first. I now see the corrections of the percentage Artfinder takes.

I hope they don’t raise it, it’s high enough already.

(Sunny Avocado) #10

In addition to the 30%, they also charge 3% on the total with tax included as a surcharge.

What I can gather is that they started out good, but are not anymore.

(Alix Baker) #11

I think you are right. I noticed viewers dropped off and even watchers disappeared. I think the problem is so much art is accepted in an indiscriminate way that quite quickly your gallery gets buried deeper and deeper into the site with little chance of getting enough viewers from which a buyer might emerge.
I’m seriously thinking of leaving Artfinder. The overheads are too high and the adding of Free Post days erodes any potential earning even further.
Some of the art really should not be there.
A couple of weeks ago they were appealing for recent art graduates to join the site. That’s potentially many thousands of new works burying yours! Art graduates are just starting out and need to find their style and move gradually through the stages of becoming an artist. Should they be gulled into paying such fees? Should they not be working away in the outside world away from college until they find their metier and price level first…and, of course, whether their work deserves to find a buyer?
Artfinder needs to be reminded that its charges are because they are working for the artist - not adding to the difficulty of selling.