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Would you prime a small panel with gesso or heavy duty acrylic?

(Patricia J. Powers) #1

I have a couple of small wood (Balsa) panels for painting (3"x3"). They need to be primed and I am wondering if using heavy duty white acrylic paint wouldn’t work just as well as gesso? Since it is now 12 degrees outside, sanding 3 coats of gesso is out of the question. I will probably use oil for the actual painting.

(Sunny Avocado) #2

I had used acrylic gesso on wood panel and then painted oil on it and after a time iI discovered cracks in the oil paint. Here is the discussion I started about this topic: Cracked oil paint

@Jacqueline_Davis replied to me:
Sunny on that subject I actually wrote to Gamblin a few weeks ago. For oil painting they recommend this oil painting ground, which can be used on both boards and stretched canvas.

(Patricia J. Powers) #3

Thanks Sunny and Jacqueline,
After looking at your painting Sunny, I think I’ll stick to Ampersand or canvas. My
3x3’s of Balsa wood will be useful for ‘what if’s’ and not selling. Thanks again.