Would you guys consider joining a site similar to drawcrowd.com?

Totally not spamming or anything but I been trying to find sites similar to drawcrowd.com or wysp.ws to join. Most of the art social sharing websites are catered for digital art and there doesn’t seem to be any that’s focusing on traditional art. I just thought that something similar might encourage showcase, practice and progress.

More disclaimer- I am just feeling bored and alone cuz I am not in US like most of you folks are. There’s no workshops here, plein air is unheard of and I feel like I m stuck in a place I don’t belong. T_T

If there isn’t one I feel like wanting to develop a website along the lines of social media meets traditional art. Let me know what you guys think.

What does this do more than dpw? I glanced at it but not savvy enough to get the jest of it. Then again, I have not taken advantage of everything dpw has to offer because of my lack of knowledge and experience of any social media.

Dpw is a portfolio and place to sell. Works uploaded have to be finished and showcased to sell. What I mentioned in the topic is more like Instagram for artists.

Works in progress, critiques, sketches and finished artwork can be shared for the purpose of learning and critique. Most important of all, the user base will be a community of traditional artists only. Anyone can join Instagram, wysp and drawcrowd are mostly for digital artists, I haven’t seen any social media catered specially for artists like us.

Suggest you check out Wet Canvas. It’s for all forms of art and has separated areas for many different channels, and has a lot of information. Also blogs, areas for WIPs, etc. Might be what you are looking for.

Have you seen the “Challenges” tab here on DPW? There is a “Critique” challenge for us to post art and get comments from other artists to get help with our art.

I’m not sure how useful critiques online are to anyone. If one doesn’t know what the artist is attempting to do or if the critique is coming from someone who doesn’t know that much. Well, I can get as much from my next door neighbors. If you want constructive critiques, offer your work to someone who’s work you respect not just willy nilly on the internet unless you just want to see what happens with little expectation.

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Check out The Complete Artist, Richard Robinson’s site. Not a site for selling, but great community of artists, and there are workshops that cost $20.00 for the month, Richard demonstrates the painting, and you can download the video. He critiques 5 or 6 paintings for each workshop. You only have to take the workshops you want, but can post any of your paintings on the site. One great advantage is your critiqued painting can end up in The International Artist Magazine, I’ve had three in there! Some other very good artists on the site have been very helpful to me with critiques also. You might enjoy, good luck!