Would a new "Artists" tab make it easier to find DPW artists?

I find it easier to remember artists by the images that they create more than by their names. Now to find a DPW artists you type their names in the search which works great if you remember the name. I would like to see at least one image by the artist to jog my memory and think that a new tab labeled “Artists” which showed one image for each of the DPW artists with their name under the image. To be fair, it might have to rotate like the “What’s New” tab. I think the image could default to the most current posting but the artists should be able to choose an image that they believe represents their own work. Clicking on the image could send the visitor to the artist’s gallery.

I use my ‘favorite’ artist heart to save someone I want to get back to. I like your idea.

That is a good idea, i’m just not sure how many artists there are on here. There might be too many.

I agree Gary and it is the same kind of thing I have thought about. Art is a visual business and many people think in images too. So a thumbnail page in addition to the list and search feature would be great.
I don’t think it should rotate though. An unchanging static page, other than new ones added, would be better. Too many (daily) changes would only make it more confusing.
The idea is for a buyer to quickly look up an artist when they saw a work that caught their eye but can’t remember their name. Plus sometimes I remember where something or someone was on a page I go back to later, top, bottom or in the middle, and I don’t like having to totally re-scan the entire page.

Make it simple and easy for the buyer.

I would think alphabetical would be best and I say that knowing full well I am nearer to the end of the alphabet.

If this was considered it certainly would be easier to implement. We have to remember each feature added takes more time for our programmer, David Marine.

@garyw, your visual artist page is a great suggestion and is a long overdue feature! We did, long ago, have an artists page, however it only displayed a long list of artist names and links. It wasn’t very useful or compelling and it took too long to load, so I removed it. I had intended to replace it with a more useful page, however the intention got lost among all the other stuff to do.

So, please check out the new Artists page, when you have a chance! As you suggested, it shows the artists’ latest work and their bio photo. It allows you to search by genre, media, size, price range, and more. You can search for artists that offer other things, such as workshops, prints, calendars, etc. The page is also, at long last, where you can view and manage your favorite artists!

I did decide to have the artists on the page rotate upward in alphabetical order so it should rotate completely every three hours. This only happens when there is no searching. As soon as there are search criteria, the artists show in alphabetical order. I am hoping this is a good compromise.

Thanks again for the great suggestion!

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Thanks David. It looks great.

I came across the Artists’ page first, which blew me away!! I remembered this post and came to tell everyone about it. haha. You beat me to it. And rightly so. :wink:

I’ve now had a chance to look through the new page. I had no idea there were so many artists on dailypaintworks. It is such a joy to be included among these talented artists. Thank you David creating this view for us.