Will $30 shipping hurt?

I live in the Philippines and am wondering if $30 shipping will hurt my sales of 6x6 canvas oil paintings or should I just add $20 to the sale price and charge$10 for shipping.

Does it cost you $30 for shipping? If that is the cost, that’s where I would put it.

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I have not checked lately but several years ago it was$20 to ship any package from here to the Americas

Charge what it costs to ship. If you are not sure what it will cost, add a note to your post that it someone is interested outside your general area, they could email you and you could find out what the cost would be for them. I live in the US but when people outside the US are interested they usually accept and understand what the cost will be for shipping.

Thank you. I had not thought about that option.

I take a small loss on shipping. Shipping from Canada, mostly to the US, I prefer not to have the difference in shipping costs be the deciding factor for a buyer.