Why don't I buy more paintings?

I have stacks of unsold paintings. Some of them have won awards. A lot of them have been oohed and ahhed over by people as to how much they like them. It is very frustrating, wanting to say to people - “Then why don’t you buy them!?”. Then, I remember that I do the same thing. I have a lot of favorite artists here on DPW and other places that I love. I drool over their paintings and bookmark their websites. Some of them have very reasonably priced paintings. Then why the heck don’t I buy more of them?

So… here are a couple of my reasons, which I suspect are true for many people.

  • I am stingy when it comes to non-essentials.
  • The few original paintings that I have bought are still sitting in a bin waiting for frames - years later.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Main Reason (for me anyway, lol)
Artists are not good customers for artists because artists have
those “stacks of unsold paintings” you mention above!

All the display space on my walls is taken up by MY own art
(obviously we love our own art, right?)

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For me, it is simply a matter of $$. Any art sales I personally have (my work purchased) gives me $$ that go into an art kitty - I try very hard to have my art pay for itself. This means that the kitty has to pay for all art items & any art purchases. The more sales I have, the more money in the kitty, the more I can spend, As Lynda said, those “stacks of unsold paintings” limits how much I have in the kitty! (and yes, my walls are covered with many of my works as well!) LOL

I love a lot of DPW artists. Would like to buy many. But, I have a bunch of my own art that needs to go. Once they sell, I will buy other artists work. I get tired of my own work and don’t usually hang it in my own space. I paint for pleasure but also for profit.
Most of us just don’t have the money to spend unless we get a good sale. The first thing I do when I have extra cash is to buy art!
Bigger question is how to sell your own so that you can afford to purchase a little something for yourself.
I would like to open up a discussion about selling art online in general. Not just DPW but Etsey, Ebay and other venues.

Every morning while having my coffee I look at the new paintings that have been posted. I have bought a couple of small pieces for myself and one as a gift, but there isn’t much left over for buying art after life’s many expenses. I do enjoy being part of this community for all of the intangibles, especially reading about all of your wonderful and varied lives. I’m always inspired. May you find buyers with deep pockets!

…and what about: “Does not ship outside of the USA”…
So: If I can’t shop for different reasons (money, small flat), shouldn’t I even praise? Won’t it please?

I have the same dilemma. My main reason for not buying more art is the lack of wall space to display it. We literally have hundreds of paintings stacked up in closets, cabinets and my studio due to lack of display space.

I also have many favorites among the artists who post at DPW, and I occasionally buy their paintings. Fortunately, most of them are small and I can usually find places for them.

I recently bought one of Tantiana Iliiaana’s paintings and I would love to buy many of the wonderful artwork I see here but, like everyone else, no money, no space, too many of my own unsold paintings (now well into the hundreds :unamused: ). I tell myself I will be more willing to buy other’s art when I start selling a lot of my own. It could happen.

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Same here. When I was selling a lot, I bought a lot of others artists work, small dailies mostly or prints. Online sales are very slow now so I haven’t been able to buy. Thankfully I sell in a local place by the beach and pick up commissions here and there but it’s still not enough to buy the beautiful art I see from others.

Maybe that’s the REAL reason behind ‘starving artist’ is that we spend everything we make on others’ art and art supplies! :laughing:

I do buy other artists paintings, Not sure how many I have bought from Daily Paintworks artists, but I think it’s around 10 (plus a few from artists outside Daily Paintworks).
I love them, and I have them framed and up in my studio. I framed them myself.

BUT if there’s something stopping me from buying more, it’s my husband who says “you could paint that!” . :smile:
He’d rather I didn’t spend money on other artists work because he thinks I should be painting them all myself.
But I find them inspirational plus I think it’s nice to support other artists.

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Ivana… You should certainly continue to praise, specially if it’s something that speaks to you pesonally.
A few kind encouraging words can make someones day much brighter knowing that they are being acknowledged from other artist and piers…yes it will “please” !!
Peace, Eric

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