Which is the best to sell your work? Buy it now with Pay Pal or link to your Etsy Shop

Do you think it works better to have your buy link go to Pay Pal or to your Etsy Shop??

I use DPW whenever possible which goes to paypal. Never had any luck with Etsy though there must be a way, bcuz peeps are doing it on Etsy. I’ll keep an eye on this thread so I can learn too.

Me too, Etsy zero for me as well…

This question is really meant for those who are on Etsy and DPW. Is it better to link your DPW listing (buy link) to Etsy or Pay Pal.

I am on Etsy (artbybmarion) but I use Paypal on DPW to keep costs down. Maybe I should try linking to my Etsy shop and see if that improves my purchases via DPW.

Hi. I’m not sure about that. I was linking to Etsy and no one was clicking so I assumed these viewers are not on Etsy, so I switched to linking to Pay Pal thinking the DPW buyers were more used to Pay Pal. And you are right, the cost is less that way. Does anyone else have any imput here??

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I have a store on Etsy for my art, started this last January, same time as DPW. Etsy charges a small fee on every sale, that’s true, but it also has a built in traffic, community of people who are already there to shop. If you do your tags right people may find your work any time (not only on the day it’s listed - in fact, that does not matter any longer on Etsy). I have to say that I had more sales from Etsy store by now than on DPW, and I could see that most of them did not come from DPW, but from Etsy search. So I look at that small fee that Etsy charges as a tiny advertising expense. PayPal on the other hand, as far as I know, just gives people a way to pay, it does not bring traffic on its own. I love being here on DPW, but having my work only in my DPW gallery does not give it enough chances to be seen, so I also list it on Etsy, and on my website of course. I really believe it’s best to give your work as much exposure as you can afford. That’s just my experience.


Thanks for your imput Lana. I do see that on DPW you sometimes link to Etsy and sometimes to Pay Pal. Have you noticed any difference in the response based on which link you use??

No, I don’t think I noticed any difference (but I don’t have that many sales yet to see any pattern). Actually, one customer bought two works at the same time, one through PayPal link on DPW and then clicked and paid on Etsy for the other one. So I guess, it’s not such a big factor - if they want the work, I don’t think it makes much difference how they are offered to pay for it (of course, some people had problems with PayPal and want to avoid it).
By the way, I have both PayPal and Etsy “buy” links here because I’m too lazy to list everything on Etsy right away :slight_smile: It does take more work to list there - to come up with tags, title, description, so on. So some auctions that expire here are just switching to PayPal links because it does not take any extra work on my part, not because there’s any real strategy behind it.

I have tried Etsy and had no luck with that site, much better traffic on DPWs. To me linking the Easy was just extra work that did not pay off…much better time spent painting.

I link to my Etsy store and eBay from DPW. Not sure really if many of my sales have been from the links. My Etsy store is getting more views than anywhere else I sell online.

I have been selling on DPW for a couple of years now and I also have an Etsy store. I have sold very well on DPW and almost nothing on Etsy but I didn’t realize that you could have DPW buyers pay through Etsy. I think that it would be good for me to link the two but I’m not sure how to do so. I’ll have to check out the “Help” topics.

I think it’s easier for the buyer to use the buy link on DPW – less steps involved. I recently closed my Etsy shop because I only sold 3 or 4 paintings in the few years I had it. I think Etsy works for the very large producers, and for those who may invest in a lot of ads.

Hi Jane, would you mind telling me where I can find the info to help me link to my Etsy shop? I wanna give that a try before ditching Etsy! Thanks!

Hi Anna, to link an item on DPW to an Etsy listing just copy the url of the Etsy item and paste it into the buy link section in the art tracking page on DPW ! Then on DPW it will show buy now on Etsy on your artwork

Thanks SOOOO much! I’ll do that ASAP! I appreciate you’re VERY prompt reply! hope it works too!