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Where to purchase Frames for 6 x 8 and 6 x 6 paintings

Hi everyone! Promise just this one more question for awhile at least!
Just recently purchased quite a few Raymar plein air panels in the 6 x 8 and 6 x 6 size. I started looking online to purchase frames for some of the 6 x 8’s, and the only one I found was like $138.00! My art is certainly not to the caliber (yet) where I would spend that much on a frame! Didn’t look for the 6 x 6’s, but figured I would inquire here about those also. Just wondering, did see some that were for matted artwork (on Jerry’s I think), would those work if you took out the glass or plexiglas? Do any of you have a source for these small frames?


These are standard sizes. You should have a lot of choices.
Jerry’s Plein Aire Frames (6x8’s)
Blick Simpletons (6x6’s)
King of Frame (both)
Franken Frames
…to name a few

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Thanks so much Connie! Usually get the Blick Simpletons, but will order both sizes from Jerry’s. Don’t know what I did, when I searched Jerry’s I just got the frames for matted works in 6 x 8’s?!! Appreciate your effort, as I probably wouldn’t have looked there again. Had never heard of King of Frames…will check out the others too!

I have also had good results with Plein aire frames from Jerrys.

Thanks Gary! I will order the small frames from Jerrys. I’ve always ordered from Blicks in the past, and have been happy with their product. They are really good about replacing frames damaged in shipping too. I do order art supplies from both of them though.

I get great service and frames from Franken Frames.

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Thanks Lisa, I will check them out in the future, but just ordered some from Jerry’s for now.

I’ve been using the Arroyo Plein Air frames from King of Frame and like their heft and look. $38 for 6x8.

Thanks Charley! I will check them out for sure!

$15 for 6x8 @ Jerrys now. Great deal. Just beware of the gold and mahogany…very ugly color. They use to be nicer but they changed the color last year. The silver and black are ok.

Thanks Valerie! That’s what I ordered, I like to take advantage of the really good sales and stock up a bit! Appreciate your getting back to me on this!!! I ordered black and gold…have to see if I can live with the gold or not I guess!

I sometimes use CanvasPlace.com. Very affordable floater frames with good customer service!

Thanks Kaethe! I checked it out, can’t use floater frames, as I paint on Raymar panels. They have frames for panels too though. Hadn’t ordered any frames for my 6 x 6’s and their prices are REALLY good! Will have to try the black frames. THANKS!

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Agreed—the Mahogany is very “red”…not at all what I was expecting.

We should be sure to do a review online so they are made aware. Maybe they will go back to the true mahogany and gold colors, which were very nice. In the meantime don’t order those colors and return if they are unused.

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Jerry’s has the “Gallery” frames that I like, and they come in small sizes like 6x6. They come with plexiglass in them, but without a mat. They’re really easy to use, either with a panel or with a stretched canvas.

Oh okay, Thanks Theresa! I was wondering if you could use those for panels or not…I’ll have to go back and take a look at those!

Check out 5dollarframes.com they have really nice small frames at a great price, I was surprised at how great they look for the cost.

Thanks Mary, I will check it out!

Hi Candi,

I like Florida Frames. I mostly buy their traditional gold wood frames, which work very well with Raymar panels. If you buy three or more of the same size, they give you 15% off. I’ve used them in several galleries and plein air competitions, so I know they present the work well. They have both traditional and contemporary styles.

This one is my favorite for small paintings, and it’s less than $20 per frame.


They have great customer service, I once had a frame damaged in transit, and they sent me a new one immediately.