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What workshops have you loved?

Please share your favorite workshops/instructors. How did they surpass your expectations? Would you recommend them to everyone or just certain levels? Where did you take them? Was the location important?

Qiang Huang’s workshop is amazing. He provides a wealth of information, his demos create awe, and his gentle critiques are eye-opening.

Johannes Vlothuis Paint Alongs online

Carlo Russo! I attended one of his three day still-life workshops at LAAFA in Van Nuys, CA. Wonderful technique and teaching style with a slant on sight size drawing, so it was helpful to have a pre-knowledge of having done that before. I would recommend his class to levels above beginner.

I took a workshop with Trisha Adams , trishaadams.com. Was great experience. I would love to go to one of her workshops in Italy. Hopefully someday!

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I can’t say enough about Peggi Kroll Roberts. She is an amazing artist. I have learned so much about light, shadow and design. I keep going back at least once a year. She has a series of instructional DVDs as well.

Never had a chance to take one. Online ‘workshops’ for me lately are Scott Naismith , landscape painter. I’ve never done a landscape but am learning a lot about his color theory, like his paint marks a lot and color.

I took a great weekend workshop with Mike Rooney on Cap Cod. He has a relaxed style, direct, and fun to be with. Gained some good pointers and met nice people.

I’m lucky to live in Mesa, Arizona; so I’ve taken several classes at Scottsdale Artists’ School. My favorite instructors there are Hedi Moran, Joni Falk, Dick Heichberger and Krista Eaton for oil; and Kim Johnson-Nechtman for watercolor.

I have taken two workshops and am about to start my third one tomorrow. I feel the best work shop was with Maggie Siner at the Corse Gallery & Atelier in Jacksonville FL in 2014. Maggie was a great instructor and I learned a lot from her. But what impressed me the most was that the gallery owner Eileen Corse made everyone feel welcome by confirming our registration, giving great directions to the gallery, welcoming us when we arrived, helping everyone get to know each another, she made sure everyone was informed about the rules and parking availability, eating choices were suggested and she provided a variety of very good snacks. She was a real Host. The second workshop you had to ask and dig for information. I didn’t even know who the hostess was for the workshop until the second day. The workshop I am going to attend tomorrow appears to be very much like the second one. I attended the opening for the artist this evening and asked a few of the questions about the workshop to three of the gallery workers and received no helpful information.


I’ve taken quite a few. Laura Robb is amazing for still life. Roger Dale Brown is excellent for landscape… Very motivating. C.W. Mundy is great at making you go out of your comfort zone…experiment. He is a true master. Daniel Gerhardtz is your guy for portraits or figures. Leslie Saeta for palette knife and good marketing tips!

Mary Whyte is a well known accomplished artist in watercolor. She is also an educator. Her work is mainly portraiture but includes all aspects of realism with respectful humanity in her work. This is my interpretation of her but others describe her more elegantly. Workshops are intense and she gives lots of personal time. I can’t imagine being disappointed with anything. I took her workshops when I was very new in painting. I would benefit in taking another now that I have more painting experience.
Another wonderful workshop was with Frank Eber. Landscape is most of the focus but he does stunning portraits. Very friendly, great sense of humor and works very hard to teach. He too gives personal attention.

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Thanks for the shout-out, Gerri!! <3

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I’ve taken several watercolor workshops at Dillman’s Sand Lake Lodge in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. Nita Engle (not sure if she’s still teaching) John Lovett, Ted Minchin, and Janet Rodgers. Vincent Chiaramonte for portrait in pastel and oil. All of the instructors are great, the facilities are beautiful in the north woods of Wisconsin. Classrooms are well lit, with big windows facing the lake. Overhead mirrors and overhead lighting. I first met Nita Engle in a workshop headed up by Jack Hines and Jessica Zemsky in a camp by the Bolder River in Montana (an hour or so from Big Timber.) Nita said to me "Linda, if you want a great workshop painting experience go to Dillman’s. Good advice! I did have one awful experience with a female portrait artist who’s name I would never mention, but even then I did learn a few things. You really do learn a lot from spending a week at a workshop. Ted Nuttall is next on my list!

I absolutely love Richard Robinson from New Zealand. His videos, on line workshops, etc. are easy to follow, well thought out, and enlightening, I have learned so much from him. I have bought many of his DVD and online workshops. He has a number of good free videos on Youtube as well. Check out his website at: http://thecompleteartist.ning.com/. Besides having a great sense of humor, gentle manor, and fun accent, he is generous with his helpful critiques and tips. And he is cute too! ;>). LOL. He has quite a following worldwide.

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Thanks, watched a video and I will go back when I have more time!