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What SIZE artwork sells most?

What size paintings have you sold most of (particularly landscapes/seascapes)? I see a lot of mini sizes like 6x6 on cradled panel or maybe 8x10 being sold. I feel like you could sell more of the small ones and definitely ship them more affordably, than having to deal with a huge canvas that’s like 2-4 ft in size. I’m sure its personal preference too.

Do you think its more of a lower price thing or people just tend to like the smaller sizes for collecting…rather than just having one large piece for a focal wall in their space?

Hi, Amy. Most of my sales are made at Art Fairs and consist of smaller sizes, usually 8x10 but I have done 11x14, altho those seem to require frames. The 8x10s not so much. Hope this helps.

Amy, most of my sales are 12x12 or smaller, even 4x4, but I’ve sold (2) 24x24 oils in the last couple of months. Go figure…I can’t. To avoid even thinking about frames, paint on gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides. Be sure to wire for hanging.


I usually do sell smaller from 8x8, 8x10 and 11x14. Bigger are harder to sell (I think price).

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Price and ease of shipping are two factors in favor of smaller paintings. Another consideration is that people are basing their decision to purchase based upon a relatively small image on a digital screen. With a smaller painting, it is easier to get a sense of what the actual painting will look like.

Hi Amy,
I’ve noticed several artists now doing the smaller paintings (4x4 to 12x12) and
painting a grouping that would all be hung together; common themes or common
colors in several paintings allow for people to get the spatial impact of one large
painting but the variety makes it more interesting. Six small paintings like this
would still be less expensive than that large painting too.
I’d recommend the “deep edge” canvases that don’t need framing…another
consumer cost-saver. However, personally I don’t care for black or solid
edges… taking the “scene” all the way around the canvas is a bit more
appealing in my book. Cheers!