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What is your favorite art DVD?

Be sure to include the teacher name, medium, and where you got it.

Peggi-Kroll Roberts has a series of dvds that are invaluable for painters of any medium. They are available on her website. For watercolor, in particular, I like Robert Wade’s dvd’s. I got mine on Amazon.

I bought Kathy Anderson’s new DVD “How to Paint Flowers in the Studio” and love it! She has such an easy going nature and provides many insights. I’m watching it again as summer approaches. She paints from life which is how I paint and I love painting flowers, so it seemed like a good fit. :smile:
Here is the purchase link.

My three Quang Ho videos are my favorites, followed closely by my Scott Christensen and Michael Lang DVDs.

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“Nuts and Bolts” Quang Ho video. He uses oils, but this video is not so much focused on medium as it is on painting theory with a little philosophy thrown in for good measure. This one is like comfort food that feeds my painting soul. You can get it from his website. I have all three of his, but this one is my fave.

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Thank you so much Jean. I’ve been reviewing this DVD on Yo tube and it sounds perfect! I will definitely order that one and the still life. His art is amazing too.

I love Scott Wadell’s work. His videos have a lot of information in them.