What happens if I stop the sale?

I sent 2 or 3 re-notify email to a non-paying bidder and also flagged her. It’s been 6 days now and I haven’t heard anything from her at all.
I would like some opinions as to what I should do. Should I wait and wait and wait so she can continue to make a fool of me? Or should I just relist the painting and try again, hoping for a buyer that will actually pay for it?

Nevermind. I decided not to wait. I cancelled the sale and re-listed the painting.

Have you contacted David about this issue?

I’ve done that in the past when this happened before but there’s nothing he can really do.

Don’t take it so personally. Maybe there is a good reason she didn’t follow through. Maybe not. But you shouldn’t feel “foolish” just because she reneged.

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Put a payment policy in your template:“Payment expected within 7 days of auction end. Will Ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment. Shipping insurance is included at no charge.” This is from a friend’s listing. Something like that. I think I’ll do that as well.


I didn’t take it personally. I have had people stiff me before on many other listings, mostly on ebay, and when they finally did make contact, there was NEVER a good excuse. Also, I don’t think I ever mentioned anything about feeling foolish. If I did maybe you can point that out to me.

Thank you for the suggestion, Andrea. I meant to do that yesterday, but tonight I will get that done. I guess I just have to put it in the description area, right?

Andrea, thanks for this great suggestion! I’m going through this with a buyer through email. I’m going to add this to my template!

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so she can continue to make a fool of me

I like to give my winning bidders about a week before I become concerned. I have found repeatedly my buyers just don’t check their email or computers nearly as often as I do (every 5 min ;-))! I certainly don’t want them to experience any stress when buying my work.

Of course, I do send out a personal email right away and have no problem flagging them if I don’t hear back within four days to a week. Flagging a slow buyer has proven to be a very effective way at politely nudging them to pay by sending a friendly email from the DPW admin (David) and not letting them bid again until payment is complete.


I think this thread is too old to get an answer but I’ll try anyway.

Thank you, Carol. I tried emailing support but it’s hard to get a response now-a-days. So I’ll try here.

I have a new rash of non-paying bidders again. I was wondering if I flag a buyer and they don’t respond to that, (which is what happened), basically they’re hold my painting hostage unless I relist it. My question is, will the flag be removed from their account if I relist it. Because if it is, the will be free to do the same thing again to me or to someone else as many times as they want to.
That’s the only reason, I’m not relisting is so they can’t do that to another one of my paintings.

Its much easier for us to answer support issues when they are sent to support. Our support system alerts us and tracks the issues, while the Art Talk forum doesn’t. Prompt support is very important to us and we work very hard to provide it. Our goal is to reply within the same day.

To answer your question, yes, when you mark a work as paid, the buyer will automatically be unflagged.

If they don’t pay and so you don’t unflag, then they can’t bid on either your or anyone else’s auctions again, so there is no need to hold off relisting.

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