What do you do to store your paintings?

I have been painting on canvases, panels, and paper in sizes from about 8 x 10 to 16 x 20 and I now have about a dozen or so large boxes full of paintings climbing the walls of my dining room. I am just curious what all of you do to store your inventory?

Hi Gregory,
I have taken over a closet in my guest bedroom, lol. I turn the boxes so that the
opening is facing out toward the room…this way I can slide the art in and out if
I want to access it. I have put shelves in the closet (Home Depot has flat
boards in lots of sizes to make them yourself if you want). I tuck in a piece of
lined paper to put a list in the box so I know what is in there (just add the title
of each work when filing it in the box).
I have added two sturdy over-the-door hooks on the closet door in case my guests need to hang things up…most guests are short term visitors so this works fine :wink:


That’s a good idea. I actually do have a closet I could use. Of course, I would have to rearrange the entire room to get tot the door. :grinning: Thank you.

I have open shelves and so I write the name of the painting on the side of the stretched canvas…the small panels are stored in binder notebooks using plastic sleeves and then I put the names of the paintings in order…in the front …not to mention I have about fifteen paintings in my living room all over the place so I can look at them for possible editing purposes! My husband tries not to mind!


I have several paintings hanging on my walls and have toyed with the idea of covering the stairway walls. And I have been doing a lot of watercolor lately and paper takes up a lot less space. My “studio” is actually a corner of my bedroom with not much storage space, but shelves in a closet sound like a good way of doing it.

I have some 4" deep IKEA shelving, and I have about 50 paintings up on those, stacked three deep. Plus the usual floor and closets.


You could go look for cafe’s or restaurants that would be happy to hang them on their wall. They are usually happy to display local artists and they don’t ask for commission and if they do it’s minimal.

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Thank you for input. I really like the shelves. I also like the idea of the sounding out some restaurants in the area. Most of the restaurants I normally frequent have already got art on the walls but I can always try new restaurants.

Since I paint small and on panels they fit in a file cabinet. I also have those shelves for current work. I even have a wood stained one in my livingroom over the TV and I put work I am working on so that I can glance up at during the evening. I see the problems to work on the next day.

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To store paintings, I use acid-free products throughout the painting process. This means the portfolio materials, as well as the paper and masking tape, are all acid-free. This is significant because the acid causes the painting to yellow. As a result, especially when exposed to light and heat, your artwork will begin to deteriorate sooner rather than later.

Most of my art is framed under glass. And when I pack up to go to sales I was damaging the frames just stacking them. I took cardboard and covered with a bubble wrap and made dividers to put between and they are doing much bette. And I have some wooden shelving with shelves and dividers.

I have turned my wardrobe into a repository of my art treasures. It can avoid direct sunlight and the danger of fading as well as affecting the quality of the painting.

Small art on panels fit easily in a file cabinet. Framed art is hung all over the house and basement, ever rotating.