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What depth canvas do you use?

What depth of canvas do you paint on? One-inch, one and a half inch? Which do buyers prefer?
I normally use 1.5 inch but 1 inch is so much more affordable for me. Any thoughts?

I don’t know what buyers prefer and I think it depends on the size of the canvas, too. I use 17-20 mm (for America only: 0.7, 0.8 inch or so) für big canvases because I paint a lot and it is for me also a question of storage space in my studio. And I use flat canvas boards for dailies for easy international shipping.

Good time, Melinda!
I work on stretchers of different thickness, it all depends on the size of the painting. Basically it is 1 inch, but if the work is very large - from 48-50 inches or more, I take stronger stretchers, that is, 1.5. It seems to me that 1.5 turns out to be very massive and heavy. It is not very convenient for shipping. I send 20 by 27 format without a stretcher, in a roll. And I write small-sized works on high-quality fiberboard. Buyers do not complain yet)).

Melinda - if the paintings are to be framed, professional framers prefer less thickness or depth to the painting - otherwise the frame sits on top and the majority of the stretcher is behind the frame - awkward. If the buyer is looking for a frame at Michaels or another retailer, frames are difficult to find for “thick” paintings.

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I mostly use canvas from this website. It is about 0.7 inch, but its size isn’t big as I paint on 8x10" or 11x14’’ canvas most of the time.
I think man from this video make quite good explanation https://youtu.be/aNizVx36zxw