What about DPW Challenge?

Hello everyone,
I’m kind of new here so I thought to ask maybe I’m missing something. Couldn’t help to notice that the DPW Challenge didn’t change from the last week and today is Monday already. Is possible that this is a two weeks challenge, or something is wrong? Looking back I see that the challenge is reset every Saturday so what I am missing?
I like watching for the challenge every week, it gives me ideas and reasons to do something new. I just hope it will keep happen regularly.


Sorry for the slow reply! There was a technical issue regarding the current challenge, so it wasn’t up when we thought it was. I fixed it on Monday after your post alerted me to the issue.

I very much appreciate your participation and enthusiasm!

Thank you David for the reply, I’m glad to participate. You a do a wonderful job with this site!

Love how quickly @davidmarine responds! @lauragreenb , there is a ‘support’ tab on the pages, if you click that and shoot off an email-DPW is very quick to get back to you. :slight_smile: