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Wetcanvas.com is closing

I just heard the news that Wet Canvas plans to shut down its art forums later this year. This has been an active and vibrant forum for artists of all types for many years.

I hope that Art Talk here at DPW can pick up some of the slack. This is a good forum as well but doesn’t get much traffic. Perhaps that will change when WC closes.


Agreed. Maybe it will incentivize us to become a little more chatty :slight_smile:

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Oh what a shame.
Any reason why?

I must admit I haven’t used wet canvas all that much myself.

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It’s true WC is closing. I’ve been a guide and now a moderator there since 2002. So sad. Just a wild guess on my part but I think new owners not interested in promoting art except their publications. Lots of us are looking for a new home!

Is someone going to archive it? Would be a shame to loose all that information.

Kay, it may have something to do with wanting to not freely host a website. Ads just don’t fool people like they used to.