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Watermarks and DPW

Does anyone know how to invisibly watermark a .jgp or is that even possible?

Just put your name and/or URL in small but unobtrusive text in the corner. That’s what I do and it doesn’t seem to uglify up the picture that much. I do think Photoshop may have some watermark feature (or at least they did) called Digimarc, but it was a hassle to use (last I tried).

I use one but admit I can’t even see it even when I am in the software itself which surprised me. Mine is an older one but do a search and you can find something. Here are two:


I have occasionally used GIMP to create a watermark, by making a small logo and then using the software to make it almost transparent and overlaying it into a suitable position on the image. GIMP is an open-source image manipulator/creator, and is free (unlike expensive PhotoShop).

I used watermarks but still people would find ways to take it off

Yes Valerie Smith, you are right. Any watermark can be removed. When someone, thieves, really want something they will find way. Watermarks are only one step or deterrent much like car alarms or the club etc.
I have also read it is a good idea to attach your name to the file, not just a number and/or title. Often that is overlooked by the unscrupulous but there is no perfect way.
I hate the idea of having to ‘police’ my work online because it is time consuming but occasionally I search unlawful use of my work online using a reverse image search.