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Watercolor Paper

What is your favorite watercolor paper and why?

Hi Rafael, I use mostly Fabriano Artistico 300lbs. Simply because, I do not have to stretch the paper, and I love the texture on the surface. Other papers that I like are Waterford Saunders rag and Two Rivers handmade paper. I could never get on with Arches.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. Arches seems to be the standard. The blocks are convenient and hold up a soaking. I prefer a rougher surface.

Oh, this is my favorite, too. Especially the rough.

140 lb Arches. I used to use 300 lb, so there was no buckling, but it was too expensive and unnecessary. The 140 lb buckles a little, but after the painting is finished, I just spray the back with a little water from a mister and put it between cardboard with a heavy book or two on it. It flattens right out.

I use Arches 140lb also usually, but I bought some Kilimanjaro from Cheap Joes to try and I’ve been happy with it. I think it has nice texture and holds up well when lifting paint.

I use Arches 140, Fabriano hp and I buy rolls from Daniel Smith, the name of the roll escapes me right now.
I never bother with stretching the paper. UGH. What a waste of time. When I want to paint I need to paint now! Besides, I have an ironing board and iron. Straightens out anything quickly.
I want to try the Kilimanjaro paper. I’ve heard only good things about it

I use Kilimanjaro and Fabriano. I like the Kilimanjaro because I can make nice washes. I find that it is close to Arches in this respect. The Fabriano is a little better for picking up the paint and comes in a bright white.

I use 140# Arches Blocks most of the time. Less fuss other than the odd sizes.