Watercolor paper glued to canvas

I am working on watercolor paper and want to glue it down to a canvas. Has anyone done this before and if so can they tell me their process and especially the gel medium they used to glue the paper down?


I haven’t done it myself, but this is the nearest I can find to what you’re asking about:
Framing Watercolors without Glass: Making Panels

thanks I will check it out

I did it once using golden soft gel and adhering to a wood cradled panel. After you have put in on the panel and smoothed it down turn it over and weigh it down with books for 24 hours. Then with a two sided razor and the painting face down cut around the edges in one sweep each side. It turned out good and others artists I know do this regularly with success.

DId you place some type of plastic on top of the painting after you glues it down then placed the weights on top of it? Or did you just glue it and place weights directly on the art?

I turned it upside down on a piece of waxed paper (the painting face down on the wax paper) and then books on the back of the panel for weight. You can also use parchment paper.

Thank you so much, Barb.

Roe, I’ve heard of artists doing the paper glued to canvas, I believe Whistler or Hassam used to do this occasionally. I’m sorry I don’t know what type of glue is normally used but it would have to be some type of acid free medium.

thanks for that bit of advice :smiley: