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Using Apps to See in a Painterly Way

I’ve taken a couple of online painting classes. As a way to see in a more painterly way my instructor had us use various art apps. How do you feel about this? Do you think this is a viable tool?

Apps do amazing things and I think can help you “see” the possibilities, particularly if you have some idea of what you want to accomplish (see my example in this thread ). However, they are not a substitute for developing your own color sense and discernment and could become a crutch if you got in the habit of merely throwing a photo into an app and copying the effects. I think intentional manipulation with Photoshop or some other photo-editing software generally is more useful.

Thanks Connie for your feedback. Yes, I agree that the apps can become a crutch and not a stepping stone (as I’m sure our instructor had us use them for in early exercises). After a long hiatus of about 30 years from painting I found some of them amazing but it’s back to the easel for me…

Is Value finder one for seeing in B&W?

I’m not familiar with that app to see in black and white. I use my iPhoto program to do this. Very helpful to me to see values!

I don’t know that one either. Are you thinking “ValueViewer”. It will allow you to see in B&W.