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Turp and Gamsol usage

How often should you change your jar of thinner ( turp or Gamsol) out?

How do you dispose of it?

Thank you.

Never. Periodically when the paint has settled, I pour off the clear thinner, scoop out the paint sludge, and wipe out the container (I use an aluminum brush washing canister.) Then I return the clear thinner and add some fresh.

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I remember reading about a painter who used the ‘sludge’ for an underpainting.

I do the same as you Connie. I let it settle and re-use the clear spirit.

Terrific. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, ladies.

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Be careful with disposal. Turp/Gamsol is a flammable liquid, and can spontaneously combust if not disposed of carefully. When disposing, I wipe jar out with paper towels, throw them into a plastic bag, and fill the bag with water before throwing in trash.

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Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting that, as I had no idea. I DO know now, unfortunately, that it also burns skin as I wasn’t so careful with the rags when I wiped out the jar. Thanks for this, Mary H.

I thought Robert Gamblin said in an interview I heard once that you can pour off the settled Gamsol and recycle it the same way you recycle motor oil. I also think he said the sludge from Gamblin paints can be disposed of in household trash. Probably need to double check with Gamblin though.