Tracking number! paypal/ebay purchase/use tracking number always!

I used Paypal to send ebay art and I did not use tracking. Buyer had purchased the year before too. I received an email from her that she loved the 2nd purchase just as much as the first. THEN same buyer reported to paypal that it was a fraudulent purchase on her account. When I emailed her to ask what was up and had she made a mistake?..she told me that it was a virus that got on the computer, and this virus did it to all of her purchases and she had contacted paypal to clear it up.

I sent all of these emails as proof to paypal who STILL gave her money back to her and I got a chargeback fee to boot! They sent me an email saying “We did not receive proof of shipment.” ALL BECAUSE I DID NOT USE TRACKING!

When I emailed buyer again to tell her they charged me, never heard from her again.

Use tracking every time.


That’s really mean of her. Thanks for sharing your bad experience. I hope she comes back some day repenting for the fraud. May be you should write to her again and again. May be you can trace her on Facebook and contact? There are websites and blogs which list such scamsters where you can report her name for the benefit of other artists, I found one such :

Several scams are shared here:


Thanks @asudhaker! I’m not sure she was scamming but then again, ask my 20 something boys if I am gullible and they will say yes! Is it possible that there was a virus that could do this? I don’t know.

I chose to move on, but for some reason thought of it again and wrote this post.

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But then as artists, we are a gullible lot! We are so immersed in creative pursuits people find it easy to cheat us. If not for internet we may have never known about the email frauds perpetrated on the artists! Each one of us would have fallen prey to these fraudsters who are well aware of our desperation to sell.

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