Total Views Blog to DPW

In the Artwork Popularity view there is an accounting of the number of views for “Website or Blog”. I was wondering about these numbers.

Does this count the number of views FROM the website or blog TO DPW or from DPW TO my website or blog? The same question regarding SOCIAL.

In other words are people seeing my work on DPW and then going TO my blog? Or are they seeing my work on my blog and then clicking the link to DPW and looking at my gallery?

Does this make sense?

I always thought it was the clics TO your website. I never thought it would be the other way around but now that you mention it… it could be.

I thought it was for clicks on the button to go to your blog/website? Do you have the ability to see referrals FROM your blog (My blog, which is Wordpress shows where viewers are referred from):grinning:

Interesting question. . . I have the same question for the column called “Social” - what is being tracked. Also, would be great to know how the Like button works - does it go to Facebook or something else. Certainly not critical questions, just curious.

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